How to Access Netflix Secret Menu Easily

Netflix doesn’t really show all of its movies/shows on the website. Here’s how to access Netflix secret menu to binge-watch anything.

how to access netflix secret menu or code

Netflix provides a very simple menu to show you a bunch of movie/series categories. But that’s not enough for some people. Here’s how to access Netflix secret menu to browse for more movies.

It’s weird that Netflix doesn’t really show its complete category list. Maybe because it might overwhelm new Netflix users. Or maybe more category doesn’t always provide a better user experience.

But, for some Netflix users who want to discover hidden movies or shows that Netflix doesn’t really show on its simple menu, you can access those movies/shows by doing a simple method.

How to access Netflix secret menu

To access Netflix secret menu, all you need to do is simple: add the Netflix secret code you want to show after this URL:

For example, if you want to watch an Asian action movie, you can simply put 77232 after the URL:

There are many Netflix secret codes you can use to browse for more movies/shows. You can simply visit the complete list of the Netflix secret codes here.

Can you access Netflix secret menu on a smart TV, Android, iPhone, or console?

Unfortunately, Netflix’s secret menu only supports the web. It doesn’t exist on the app. Although you can still access it on your smart TV or mobile phone browser, then when you visit the link, it will open your Netflix app.

Netflix has a large list of movies and shows, but the default menu doesn’t really help a Netflix user who wants to binge-watch more movies/shows that are “hidden”.

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