Nova Launcher Review: Interface, Experience, Features, and More

With Nova Launcher, you can customize more theme, style, icon, app drawer, widget, and more with its free features.

nova launcher

To make your Android experience better and easier, you need a good launcher. Nova Launcher has been a great choice for many users, and it’s even the best launcher for some. With Nova Launcher, you can customize more theme, style, icon, app drawer, widget, and more with its free features. It’s also a native app so it works fast and clean without needing too much RAM.

Here are the Nova Launcher review, how to setting it up, and how to customize.

How to Download and Setup Nova Launcher

To download Nova Launcher, go to the Play Store and search for nova launcher. Or, you can try to click here to download it directly.

Tap Install.

Done it? Then open the app.

We’ll try to set it up.

Nova Launcher Interface and Features

Nova Launcher will let you to choose your initial layout (whether you want to restore your backup, starting fresh, or browser a layout), theme, and app drawer style. Just choose what you want. Tap Next when it’s done.

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nova launcher

Let’s take a look at the group folder app. It has nice view and transparent (you can change that later). It has option that lets you choose your own apps and how you want to sort the apps. This feature is often overlooked by many launcher apps even if it’s a slight little feature, it’s important because some people prefer to sort the apps the way they want to sort.

nova launcher group folder app

Let’s take a look at the app drawer. The app drawer looks nice and clean. It resemble Material design a little bit. When you tap and hold any app on it for a second, it will show some option that lets you edit the app label, configure the app info like uninstalling it, manage the widget, or directly uninstall that app.

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nova launcher app drawer

Let’s try to add a widget using the app drawer. All you have to do is to tap and hold it, then drag-drop it to the home screen in area you would like.

nova launcher widget

Let’s try to change the wallpaper of Nova Launcher. Tap and hold the screen, tap Wallpaper.

nova launcher switch

To set another wallpaper, just swipe right/left to choose wallpaper for the launcher. Tap Set wallpaper to set it as home screen or lock screen wallpaper.

nova launcher wallpaper

The launcher app allows you to set widget. This is how it looks like when adding a widget into this launcher.

nova launcher widget

Nova Launcher Settings Page

Nova has many options that lets you customize their features. From home screen, app drawer, folders, icon and theme and animation, night mode, gesture, integration, and backup settings. Let’s take a look at the home screen option, that allows you that change the layout, icon layout, desktop grid, padding, dock, search bar looks, wallpaper scrolling effect, and search bar style, and more. You can use best icon pack for Nova Launcher.

nova launcher setting

The Nova settings allows you to manage app drawer looks, layout, from background color to how you swipe the app drawer. This launcher app is amazing because it’s free.

nova other setting

Now, look at the folder. The folder options has 4 options that lets you manage the window style, icon layout, transition animation, and folder icon appearance.

nova folder

Nova settings also amazingly provide many options that allows you to customize icon style, screen orientation, animation speed, scroll speed, app animation, popup menu, drop targets, show undo bar, and some notification bar options.

nova appearance setting

Who wouldn’t want to use Night mode? This is Nova launcher’s dark theme. It even allows you to choose who dark it is.

nova more setting

The gesture/swipe options is limited and you have to purchase the features. This is the only thing that is not free in Nova Launcher.

nova in app purchase

Nova Launcher has options too that lets you backup and import stuff, so you can restore them when you get back to install Nova Launcher.

nova final setting

Nova Launcher User Experience Conclusion

Nova Launcher has great and simple features that personally feels good and comfortable to use. Nova Launcher doesn’t provide flashy color, unnecessary-not-much-productive features, but a unique features that make it the most popular Android launcher in the Play Store.

Nova Launcher has been one of the most popular launcher choice by most Android users. It has great features that you can use to maximize your launcher experience and your overall productive life. If you’ve any question or feedback, feel free to comment below.

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