How to Fix OR-IEH-01 Error on Google Play Store, YouTube, & More

If Google shows an OR-IEH-01 error code, you may have problems with your card. Here are the things that may cause it and how to solve it.

an unexpected error has occured. please try again later. or-ieh-01

Google provides different payment methods for you to pay for something on Play Store or any other Google services. But, some encounters OR-IEH-01 error while making payment. Here’s how to fix the OR-IEH-01 or OR-IEH-02 error code.

The OR-IEH-01 error occurs when users trying to pay with their credit or debit card. It usually is followed by an “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.” message. This error is really frustrating when you don’t know what went wrong with the payment.

Of course, there are things that went wrong. But Google doesn’t exactly tell you what. It can happen on YouTube, Play Store, Google AdSense, Google Adwords, or the basic service called Google Pay, which manages your cards and payment on Google services.

Here are the things that may cause and their solutions.

What causes the OR-IEH-01 error

Google denies your payment with OR-IEH-01 error message can mean more than just one thing. Your card may be seen as fraudulent to Google, wrong card information, the card is expired, wrong credit card verification, and more.

Try to not use a third-party DNS or a VPN service

Making payment may require your device to be in the right region. You may not use a third-party DNS or a VPN service so Google can see your true IP address and other information to make the payment work.

You can check whether you use a DNS or VPN service by looking at your smartphone’s status bar. See if there’s a VPN sign. You can also check your phone’s Settings app and search for anything related to the DNS.

However, this usually isn’t the case. A good VPN service should be fine to be used for making payment. But you can try not to use one to see whether the OR-IEH-01 error is caused by that or not.

Make sure you entered the right information

Information like your address has to be put correctly when making payment. If you mistakenly entered the credit card or debit card information, you get this OR-IEH-01 error message.

Google doesn’t accept your payment means many things. While the above suggestions can be helpful, you would still have to go to your bank to find more information if you still have the problem.

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