How to Pin Pages in OneNote to Start/Desktop/Home Screen

pinned pages onenote

OneNote has greatly become one of our favorite note-taking apps. OneNote has many features right now on its Windows 10 app and gradually updates its features in Android/iPhone app. Including the feature that lets you to pin your note/page (creating shortcut) onto your Start menu or Android home screen.

If you would like to know how, read on.

How to Pin Note/Page from OneNote to Start Menu (Windows 10)

Open OneNote in your Windows 10.

Make sure you set the appearance of your OneNote like this. If you don’t, just tap any Notebook, then tap any Section, then tap any note/page. It will show your note that you would like to pin/create shortcut onto your Start menu or Home screen.

If you wonder why we use OneNote in dark theme, you can learn how to change your OneNote theme to dark.

pinning pages

To create shortcut/pin the note/page, just right click and then click Pin Page to Start.

onenote context menu

Now, Windows 10 will show you this that ask your permission to pin/create a shortcut/start tile onto your Start menu. Click Yes.

windows 10 message on pinning

Now, OneNote has pinned your note/page. Congratulations! Now you just need to click that tile whenever you want to open without overwhelming yourself to browser your note manually in OneNote app.

pinned pages onenote

How to Pin Note/Page from OneNote to Home Screen (Android)

Pinning note/page or creating Home screen shortcut is easier to do than pinning on Windows 10.

Open your OneNote app.

Open any Notebook. You don’t have to open the note/page. Just tap and hold any note/page you would like to create shortcut/pin to Home screen from. Then tap the button (see picture below) at corner. That button will create an Home screen shortcut.

how to add home screen shortcut

Now you’ve been successfully adding your note/page to Start menu and home screen. If you’ve any question, feel free to ask in the comment section below!

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