Want Recycle Bin on Android? Here are 12 Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android You Can Get Now

recycle bin

Recycle Bin is mostly popular among Windows users, but Android users technically can have their own Recycle Bin on Android. But, how do you use Recycle Bin on Android? The obvious answer is: by using a third-party app that does that.

Recycle Bin is a tool that temporarily deletes your files while letting you restore them anytime you want. On Android, some Recycle Bin apps work specifically for your contact. Some works generally for all files.

Regardless of what you need, here’s the list of the best Recycle Bin apps on Android.

Recover All Deleted contact

recover deleted contacts one of the best recycle bin apps for android

Recover Deleted Contacts is an app that works by recovering your deleted contacts, just like the name suggests. If you accidentally or intentionally deleted some of your contacts, you may be able to restore them using this app.

This app obviously does not work generally for all files just like the Recycle Bin. But at least you get your contacts recovered using this app. Don’t worry, it has been downloaded by over hundred thousand times.

want to get recycle bin on android? use this app

Download Recover Deleted Contacts on Play Store

Safe Recycle Bin Pro

safe recycle bin pro

This is the closest Android app that does what Recycle Bin on Windows 10 does. It lets you delete files temporarily and lets you restore them anytime, for any files.

One thing is that this app is a paid app. You have to buy it for about a dollar. That’s fine if you really want to delete files on Android and restore them just like you do on your PC.

safe recycle bin pro android

Download Safe Recycle Bin Pro


diskdigger android

If you lost your photos and don’t know what to do about it, you can try the DiskDigger photo recovery app that most people prefer when they just lost their photos on their Android phone.

It has been downloaded by over a hundred million users. That means there’s actually a lot of demand for photo recovery app, and this app is one of the most preferable.


Download DiskDigger on Play Store

Recycle Master

recycle master

Recycle Master is a popular Recycle Bin app on Android. It can recover any files you want, but mostly just works for lost pictures.

It has been downloaded by over ten thousand times and has 3.8 star-rating.

photo recover

Download Recycle Master on Play Store

Chat Bin

chat bin

Chat Bin is a simple deleted chat recovery app that works well. But, the last time we used the app it crashes terribly. The developer might leave the app alone for a long time, left unsupported.

However, the need to recover your deleted chat might surpass the downside of this app. You eventually need it if you want to restore your deleted chat.

chat bin

Download Chat Bin on Play Store

Google photos

google photos

Google Photos is just a photo app, but it can also work as a photo recovery tool. Well not exactly “recover” your photos, but it can back up your photos online so you can save more internal memory space and literally delete them while being able to restore them any time you want.

Download Google Photos on Play Store

File Commander

file commander

File Commander is a popular file manager app for Android. The best thing about it is that it comes with its own Recycle Bin feature. Better, it has 4.4 star-rating and really popular.

The downside? It’s a paid app. But it allows you to use their free trial and to continue you have to pay at about 30USD/year.

file commander recycle bin feature

Download File Commander on Play Store

Recycle Bin

recycle bin

This app is really popular on Android. A recycle bin app that works well enough but mostly has bad reviews. It has been downloaded by a million users, and despite some bad reviews, it still works as a recovery tool.

recovery bin

Download Recycle Bin on Play Store



MiXplorer is just another file manager app on Android that also provides you Recycle Bin feature. It has 4.8 star-rating, which is good for a file manager app.

Again, it’s a paid app. But I think it’s worth the money to buy this app for just a Starbucks coffee for a lifetime. Especially if you want to recover your deleted files.

mixplorer recycle bin

Download Mixplorer on Play Store

Cx File Explorer

cx file explorer

Cs File Explorer also provides you a Recycle Bin feature that can temporarily delete files and restore them back any time you want. It’s free and has been downloaded by over five million users.

main storage

Download Cx File Explorer on Play Store

Simple Gallery

simple gallery

Simple Gallery is a photo manager app that just like other apps here, it can recover deleted files, specifically for photos. It’s popular among over ten million users. With the size of 5MB, it can recover your lost pictures in just minutes.

recycle bin

Download SImple Gallery on Play Store


restore deleted photos

Dumpster is probably the best photo and video recovery app for Android, which has been downloaded by over ten million users.

It has good reviews, great features, and most of all, it’s entirely free for any Android users.

deep scan recovery

Download Dumpster on Play Store

Looking for a nice file recovery app like Recycle Bin on your Android phone? You can try these apps that can recover your files, deleted photos, and even lost contacts. Now, you can feel a relief when you accidentally delete a video or a photo, because you can restore them any time.

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