How To Remove Weather From Taskbar on Windows 10

remove weather from taskbar on windows 10

Windows 10 always brings something new you would never expect. One of the things Windows 10 currently brings to its users is the weather and news widget on the Taskbar. Here’s how to remove weather from Taskbar on Windows 10.

This weather and news widget was brought by the Windows Update, and some (or probably most) don’t like this idea since it costs more space on the Taskbar and it’s unnecessary to show weather when you can see it almost on any device like your smartphone, or any place like the Start menu.

The good thing is that you can definitely disable or turn off this weather and news widget. You won’t see this widget anymore on your Windows 10 Taskbar (although you can actually customize it as well to make it look simpler).

How to remove weather from Taskbar on Windows 10

Getting rid of the weather widget is actually easy. Simply right-click the Taskbar, and hover the News and interests, and select Turn off.

turn off news and interests

That’s all. Now you won’t see the weather and news widget anymore on your Windows 10 Taskbar.

weather has been removed from taskbar on windows 10

If you still want to see the weather widget but also want it to look simpler, you can select Show icon only. This will show the weather icon on the Taskbar, and it will show you the entire widget when you hover your cursor on it.

If you don’t want it to open by hovering, or want to open it manually by clicking the widget, you can simply click Open on hover to remove the checkmark.

Don’t even like the Taskbar? You can also hide Taskbar easily using similar steps.

Microsoft might bring this unnecessary feature. Fortunately, they also bring the option to turn it off, because not everyone wants to see the temperature like every single time on the Taskbar.

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