How To Fix “Rockstar Game Services Are Unavailable”

rockstar game services are unavailable

Sometimes you just want to play GTA 5 Online on your console or PC just to spend the very limited free time. But then an error occurs, saying “The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now”. Here’s how to fix it.

This error commonly occurs in PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, and sometimes it just fixes itself. But if you keep experiencing this, there’s nothing wrong with trying to solve it on your own, especially if you think it is caused by your own device.

How to fix “Rockstar game services are unavailable”

Make sure you don’t use VPN or a third-party DNS


If you use a third-party DNS or VPN, your connection to the Rockstar server might get affected. It might also slow down your internet as well.

So, disconnect any VPN or a third-party DNS and switch to the automatic one. Then try again to run the game and see if you can now connect to Rockstar.

Restart your router

This is the common solution when it comes to an internet connection problem. Sometimes all it takes is just as easy as restarting your router. If you haven’t tried it, try to do so and see if you can connect to GTA V Online.

Make sure your ISP isn’t the problem

If you recently get a suspicion on the quality of your internet service provider, it might be a good idea to make sure your ISP isn’t the problem. Try switching to another one, or as easy as using your phone’s hotspot if you have got enough internet data to test it.

Now try to contact the customer service of the ISP and tell the GTA V Online issue. Ask if they block or limit the connection to the Rockstar server.

Turn off the antivirus or make an exception

Try to scan your entire system and files for viruses though. Remove if there’s a virus that might affect the game connection. Lastly, make an exception for GTA V Online so it can keep running without getting scanned.

GTA V Online might currently be down

The last thing is acceptance. GTA V Online might be down at the time, and there’s nothing you can do about it other than waiting until it solves on its own.

The Rockstar server might get overloaded as well if there are too many players online, or new players coming to play the game especially when it was released for free.

GTA V Online is sometimes down, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it as well. But there’s nothing wrong with checking your ISP and your device for antivirus.

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