Rootless Launcher Review, The Best Pixel Launcher

rootless pixel launcher dark theme

Rootless Launcher is one of the best Android launcher with the closest interface to Pixel. It has change name from Rootless Pixel Launcher to Rootless Launcher, and have simple features, and we think it’s better than Nova. You can get Google Feed built-in the app, Google At a Glance widget, notification dot, etc. This Android launcher app provide its Pixel looks as closest as possible.

Why Rootless Launcher?

Rootless Launcher has provide the closest interface, features, fonts, color accent, to what Pixel look like. It has Google Feed built-in feature, Google At a glance widget, notification dot, and anything else that looks like Pixel. We can say this is the best Pixel launcher on Play Store we’ve ever tested.

This app has the simplest features yet still provide the most out of it. Most launcher app will brag about how flashy they’re and how advanced you can customize. This launcher app is doing something different. It’s native, smooth, and works very well with low-end Android smartphone.

The best thing about this app is that it’s free. Absolutely free. No need to pay anything to use the whole features. Except if you installed the Pro version of this app.

Let’s talk about how Rootless Launcher works, and how to use it.

How to Download and Setup Rootless Launcher

To get Rootless Launcher, you can download it from Play Store. Search rootless launcher then you will find the official app. Or, you can click here.

Tap it and tap Install.

Once you open the app, it will automatically show its default launcher that you may need to customize. It will show your wallpaper (you can change it), few dock apps, and At a Glance widget. The app drawer’s interface looks nice and modern just like the Pixel 2.

rootless launcher has been installed

If you notice that the icon is rectangle, don’t worry. You can change the icon to another shape in the setting, though. You will also notice that the Google search bar is the bottom, and you can change it too later on.

Rootless Launcher’s Interface and Features

Now, let’s try to change the wallpaper. You can hold the screen for a second, then tap Wallpapers. Choose Live wallpapers if you want to get wallpaper that will changes automatically. Or, choose Photos to choose your own pictures as wallpaper.

You can also see there’s option to add widget and to open the launcher app’s setting page.

changing rootless pixel launcher wallpaper

You may see different wallpaper folder if you use different brand of Android smartphone. You can choose one if you would like to change launcher’s wallpaper.


Now, let’s go to add some widgets. Adding widgets into Rootless Launcher app is easy. Just hold the screen for a second, tap Widgets. Then you will see this.

rootless launcher widget

To add widget, tap and hold and drop that widget to any area of the screen you would like to place the widget to.

Rootless Launcher’s Settings Page

To access the settings page of Rootless Launcher, just tap and hold the screen and then choose Settings. Then you will see this.

rootless setting page

In the settings page, you manage notification dots, At a Glance widget, adding icon when installing new apps, display Google Feed, display app suggestions, changing theme, changing icon shape, and changing icon pack.

The theme provide automatic, default, light, dark, and transparent. You choose one of those theme and adjust your theme accordingly.

The icon shape? You have many options to choose. From default, square, rounded square, squircle, circle, teardrop, and cylinder. Choose one and then adjust accordingly.

rootless launcher setting

So, this is what it looks like when choosing dark theme for Rootless Launcher. You will see the group folder become dark and the app drawer background also gets darker with white font color. It looks nice and looks close to Pixel 2.

rootless pixel launcher dark theme

Rootless Launcher’s User Experience Conclusion

In conclusion, Rootless Launcher is the best Pixel launcher on the planet. It has simple and premium feature that cost zero dollar to get. You add more feature like Google Feed by downloading separate APK file and then install it. This app is by far the closest Pixel launcher to anyone can get to be used in any Android smartphone.

So, based on the review, Rootless Launcher has provide the closest thing to what Pixel look like. From Google Feed built-in feature, Google At a glance widget, notification dot, to everything else that looks like Pixel.  An absolutely free app with good and simple features. This launcher app doesn’t even show ad. Isn’t that amazing?

You’ve known what is good and what is bad about Rootless Launcher app based on this review. If you happen to have your own favorite launcher app, let us know in the comment below.

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