How to Save a Video from Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger provides a way to share videos, and you can save or download those videos easily anywhere. Here’s how to save a video from Facebook Messenger.

Sharing videos is a great way to connect with others. Sometimes you receive a nice video from your friends that you want to save or download, so you can watch it again offline.

You can save or download videos from Facebook Messenger anywhere, including the web and the mobile app (Android and iPhone).

How to save a video from Facebook Messenger (web)

Simply open the Messenger website on your computer. Open the conversation where the video you want to download exists.

save a video from facebook messenger

Click the video. Then, something pops up. Click the download button located at the top-right.

download a video from facebook messenger

Here, the video download begins.

facebook messenger

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How to download a video from Messenger (Android/iPhone)

Downloading a video from Messenger on Android or iPhone is easy. The method is the same as the previous one. Simply open the Messenger app. Open the conversation that has the video you want to save.

Long-tap the video you want to download. Tap Save video to download that video.

android facebook messenger

Now, the video is saved in your gallery. Open the gallery, and you should see the video exists in there.

Messenger, just like other messaging services, allows you to share videos. You can share, receive, or save videos from Messenger on the web or on the mobile app easily.

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