How To Save Google Docs As PDF on Web & Android/iPhone

Google Docs doesn’t normally work offline. Fortunately, it allows you to save the document offline. Here’s how to save Google Docs as PDF.

pdf from google docs

Google Docs works online and by default, it only saves as a document you can only access by visiting the website or using the mobile app. Well, you can access it offline, including in another format. Here’s how to save Google Docs as PDF.

Fortunately, Google Docs provide the feature so you don’t need to use a third-party tool just to export the document as a PDF. You can do this on the web browser (in PC) or the mobile app of Google Docs.

How to save Google Docs as PDF

Export as PDF in Google Doc web version

If you regularly use a PC, you can simply access Google Docs and sign in to your Google account. Open the Google Docs document you would like to save as a PDF.

Open the File menu. Select Download > PDF Document (.pdf).

save google docs as pdf

Your browser will immediately receive the PDF file. You can simply open the PDF and see what it looks like directly on the browser or any PDF viewer app.

pdf from google docs

Download Google Docs as PDF on Google Docs app

If you regularly use the Google Docs app on your smartphone, you can also save a document to PDF as well. Simply open the Google Docs app, open the document you are trying to save as a PDF.

Select the three-dots button at the top. Select Share & export.

exporting as pdf

Here, simply select Save as. You select PDF Document (.pdf) to save the document as a PDF. Select OK.

pdf export

Then, the app is going to open a website, which is a Google Drive download page. Select the download button at the top to save the PDF.

download pdf

Your default browser on Android will open instantly, and immediately download that PDF and save it into your smartphone. You should be able to see and open the PDF through the download list on the browser as well.

Google Docs allows you to save a document as a PDF on the web and on the mobile app. This makes it easy for you to continue the work without having to rely on Google Docs forever.

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