How to Scan a Spotify Code (and Create One)

If you found a Spotify code somewhere but don’t know how to use it, don’t worry. Here’s how to scan a Spotify code on Android/iPhone.

scan a qr code

Spotify makes it easier to share songs, podcasts, or playlists. Instead of copying a URL, you can simply screenshot a Spotify code.

But what if you’re the one who found the code somewhere? Here’s how to scan a Spotify code and create one to share with others.

A Spotify code works like a QR code. You can create it, share it with others, and let others scan the code using the screenshots you share. Spotify provides the feature inside the app directly.

Not only sharing or scanning a Spotify code for songs/podcasts but also playlists. You can also do the same for your customized or personalized playlist, as long the playlist is public.

How to scan a Spotify code (Android/iPhone)

Make sure you have a Spotify code you can scan. It can be a form of a screenshot, or any form as long as it is readable. Simply open the Spotify app, and open the Search. Tap the camera icon.

how to scan a spotify code

Here, simply tap Scan.

scan a qr code

Scanning a Spotify code is easy. Now put the phone camera in front of the Spotify code you want to scan. You will be immediately directed to the song, podcast, or playlist.

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How to create a Spotify code

If you are the one who would like to create the Spotify code so others can scan your code, you can simply create it directly within the Spotify app.

Simply open the song, podcast, or playlist you want to share. Now, tap the three-dots button at the top-right. Here, you can simply screenshot the code so others can scan it.

share a spotify song

If some people get a problem while scanning your Spotify code, you might want to create a better quality Spotify code. To do that, simply copy the song, podcast, or playlist URL and paste it on

Once you clicked Get Spotify code, you have options to customize the appearance. Click Download to immediately save the Spotify code that is in a better quality.

share a spotify code in hd quality

Spotify makes it easier to share a song, podcast, or playlist with everyone. With a Spotify code, your friends or you don’t have to manually type the URL anymore. Simply open the phone and scan the code.

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