What Do Signal Check Marks Mean When You Sent Messages?

Signal doesn’t have the same checkmarks concept. But, what do Signal check marks mean when you send messages anyway?

signal check marks

Signal, the private messenger app that competes with WhatsApp has similar concepts of checkmarks, which show on every message you sent. But, what do Signal check marks mean? Are they the same as WhatsApp?

Dotted loading circle icon on Signal

signal check marks mean

When you sent a message, this is the first thing that would show. It will show when your message is being sent on the process to the Signal server. This is marked with an animated dotted loading circle icon that is spinning.

If this circle icon is still spinning after minutes, you definitely need to check your internet connection on your phone. The circle icon that is still spinning means your message is still on your phone and not being sent to the Signal server, let alone to the recipient’s phone.

Or, it could be caused by the Signal server itself which is currently down. Either way, you need to check both your internet connection and whether the Signal server is down.

One checkmark on Signal

signal one check mark

The second process of sending a message is sending the message to the Signal server. Once the message arrives on the Signal server, it is ready to be sent to the recipient’s phone.

If you still see this one checkmark on your message, that means the recipient’s phone isn’t connected to the internet (which could be caused by many other things, like losing internet signal, the phone is turned off, running out of internet data, or even the phone is being stolen).

One thing that makes this Signal one checkmark different than WhatsApp one grey checkmark is that Signal doesn’t mean you are blocked by the recipient.

If you are being blocked by the recipient, your message will still be getting double checkmarks, giving you no clue whether you are being blocked or not when they never read your message.

Double checkmarks filled with no color on Signal

signal double check mark delivered

The third thing that will happen in sending a message in Signal is the message being received by the recipient’s phone, which is marked with double checkmarks being filled with no color, which also means the mark has the same color as the message’s background.

For instance, if you use the light theme in Signal, you are seeing what you see in the picture above: the double checkmarks that are grey, the same color as the message’s background color.

If you use the dark theme, you will be seeing the double checkmarks that are dark, the same color as the message’s background color when you use the dark theme in Signal.

This can create confusion when you try to distinguish whether the message is being read or just simply delivered.

But, one thing that is clear is that double checkmarks can also mean the recipient or you turned off the read receipt in Signal, avoiding each other from knowing whether the message has been read.

Double checkmarks filled with opposite background-color on Signal

signal double black check marks message read

The final thing that happens when you send messages in Signal is the message being read, which is marked with double checkmarks that have opposite background colors from the message’s background color.

If you use the light theme in Signal, the double checkmarks should have been dark, meaning the message has been read by the recipient.

If you use the dark theme, the double checkmarks will be light, which also means it has been read.

Figuring out if your message has been sent on Signal

Signal also provides you with a way to let you know detailed information about your message. To check whether your message has been sent, simply tap-long the message. Tap the information icon at the top, located beside the trash icon.

seeing message info

Here, you can read when you sent the message in detail, and whether it has been read or just delivered.

message detail on signal

Signal works differently from WhatsApp, but the basic concept of the read receipts is just the same. You get a loading icon, one checkmark, double checkmarks, and then double checkmarks with a different color.

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