How to Turn Off Signal PIN Reminder Quickly

Signal, the private messenger has a PIN reminder feature that appears every time you open the app. Here’s how to turn the SIgnal PIN reminder off.

confirm your signal pin

Signal, the private messenger app has a PIN security feature helping you secure your Signal messages and account, but Signal always reminds you to type the PIN over and over again. Here’s how to turn off Signal PIN reminder, as fast as possible.

When you first signed up for Signal messenger, you most likely made a PIN to prevent others from opening your app. Signal then repeatedly asks for a PIN every some minutes or hour until Signal thinks you remember your PIN.

While this can be a great solution for users who always forget their PIN number, this repetitive PIN reminder can be annoying for users who actually remember their PIN number.

Other than waiting for Signal to think that you remember your PIN, you can simply just turn off this PIN reminder feature so there would not be any more of it in the future.

How to turn off Signal PIN reminder in Android/iPhone

Open the Signal app. Tap your profile picture at the top-left.

signal pin reminder

The Settings will appear. Tap Privacy.

privacy signal

Here, simply set the toggle off at PIN reminders. It will turn grey when you turn it off.

pin reminders

Before turning off the PIN reminders, you need to confirm. Type your PIN in there.

confirm your signal pin

Tap Turn off once you’re done.

signal pin reminder has been turned off

Signal has a PIN reminder feature, which appears every time Signal thinks you don’t remember your PIN. You can finally turn the feature off, so you can open the Signal app without entering the PIN first.

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