How To Make the Taskbar Smaller or Bigger on Windows 11

Windows 11 provides a different Taskbar and widgets. But it doesn’t seem to provide a way to change the Taskbar size. Here’s how to make the taskbar smaller or bigger on windows 11.

Although some of the changes Windows 11 brings provide options to customize, like making Windows 11 Taskbar left-aligned, Microsoft only provides the default size for Taskbar.

This default size for Taskbar can be too small or too big for some users. Unlike Windows 10 which allows you to choose a smaller or bigger Taskbar size, Windows 11 doesn’t (or not yet).

Microsoft will probably bring the option back to Windows 11, but how about some users who want a smaller or bigger Taskbar right now?

Fortunately, there is a way to change the Taskbar size on Windows 11 without the Settings app: by using the Registry Editor.

How to make the Taskbar smaller or bigger on Windows 11

To do this, you would have to open the Registry Editor on Windows 11. You can do that by pressing the Windows logo and R at the same time, type regedit, and press Enter.

make the taskbar smaller or bigger on windows 11

Go to this address:


Right-click at the empty area of Registry Editor or click Edit > New > DWORD 32-bit. Choose DWORD 32-bit whether you use 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 11.

change taskbar size on windows 11

When entering the name of the DWORD, use this:


taskbarsi registry

Once you have made a DWORD (32-bit) with that name, select it then press Enter then edit the value. Select one of these values to change the Taskbar size on Windows 11:

  • 0 for small Taskbar
  • 1 for default size Taskbar
  • 2 for big Taskbar


After you have put the value you want for the Taskbar size you want, press Enter to save.

You will not see immediate change. You have to restart your computer to see the new Taskbar size.

After you restart your device, you are going to see that the Windows 11 Taskbar looks smaller or bigger than the previous one, which is the size you usually use when using Windows 10.

Windows 11 brings the new Taskbar but it doesn’t provide options to customize the size. The good thing is you can still do that using a Registry tweak.

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