Smart Launcher 5 Review: Features, Performance, and More

The launcher app has cool and smart features that categorizes your app drawer automatically, comfortable gestures, and has simple yet cool looks.

smart launcher 5 review

Smart Launcher 5 has been one of the cool choice when it comes to customizing your Android launcher. As the name suggests, the launcher app has cool and smart features that categorizes your app drawer automatically, comfortable gestures, and has simple yet cool looks.

Today, we’re going to talk about the review of Smart Launcher 5.

How to Download and Setup Smart Launcher 5

To get Smart Launcher 5, you can download and install in through Play Store. Open Play Store and search smart launcher 5, then tap Install. Or, you can download it here. Done it? Tap Open to run the launcher app.

smart launcher 5 review

Smart Launcher 5 provide simple setup process. First, tap Get Started. Then tap Confirm after checking the terms and conditions.

smart launcher 5 setup

This launcher app will need access to your storage, calendar, location, contacts, and phone. If you don’t want to allow one or more permissions, just set the toggle from blue to gray. Tap Next. Then choose either your own wallpaper or choosing a new one selected by Smart Launcher 5. This launcher app will often promote its Pro features that you may want to buy, you can tap the X button to ignore.

another setup

Tap Set as defaut to set the launcher app as the default. Tap button to ignore the message.

smart launcher 5 set as default

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Smart Launcher 5 Interface and Features

Let’s take a look at Smart Launcher 5 interface and features. The home screen looks nice, the apps icon look modern and comfortable to be seen, the folder looks neat and clean.

smart launcher 5 home screen

If you swipe up the screen from the bottom, you won’t see app drawer. Instead, you will see its search features that allows you to search contacts, apps, or even from search engine. From that search feature, you can also manage app by tap and hold it for a second. It looks amazingly neat.

launcher search feature

So, how do you see the app drawer? Well, you have to swipe left from the home screen. You will see the app drawer categorize your apps automatically. This may turn off some people, but for me, this feature is cool because you don’t have to categorize it yourself, because in here you can also ditch and add some apps in any category you want.

smart launcher 5 app drawer

Smart Launcher 5 app drawer also show small settings panel. It simplify you from opening the entire options in the Settings app itself. It also looks so clean and modern, even better than the Material design itself. You can hide apps, add folder, add your own category, and more.

smart launcher 5 settings

The widget page of Smart Launcher 5 allows you choose widget without having to drag and drop. Just tap it, then it will shows on the right side of the home screen. You can choose your own preference by tap and hold the widget, then tap Preferences.

smart launcher 5 widget

Get back to home screen. You can add more apps by tapping the + button on the folder. This launcher app also lets you to create custom shortcut.

choosing app

Smart Launcher 5 Settings Page

This app also has a lot of options that lets you control how your launcher looks. To open up setting page, just tap and hold the screen for a second. Then swipe up the the small panel of settings show up. You can manage your wallpaper, themes, looks, lock screen, backup, gallery, and the pages (home screen, app drawer, widget, etc).

opening setting in smart launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 also shows gesture and hotkeys, page manager, search pages, and more options you can find in the launcher settings.

setting app in launcher

Let’s take a look the theme options. There are two options of theme you can choose. You can customize what theme element would apply (clock, icons, skin, wallpaper, etc). You can also customize your icon pack by creating your own here.

choosing theme

What is Global appearance? In Smart Launcher 5, global appearance is advanced settings that lets you manage the looks and overall interface. You can change the launcher font, applying dark mode, your ambient theme, and more.

choosing font

This app also has some options that lets you choose animations.

edit smart launcher 5

The look screen and backup options also there and has many options. You can download many free themes there for your lock screen and manage your backup.

smart launcher 5 walpaper

In the home page or the home screen options, you can change your layout and looks. It provide enough options for a free launcher app. You can choose icon layout and column, resizing it, the visibility, and more.

launcher more setting

The icon appearance of Smart Launcher 5 can also be customized easily. The folder icon size, column, and custom color is also free to customize. You can choose your own icon pack, icon shape, and more here.

more settings

In Smart Launcher 5, you can also customize your own search bar features, not just the way it looks. You can also change the app page layout and appearance and this apply to the whole page (home screen, widget, and app drawer).

smart feature

You can also manages widget pages manually, like changing the grid size, showing indicator or not, rounded widget corners or not, and more. This launcher app gesture settings is simple and you have to purchase more if you want to use double finger and Smart Display Off features.

gesture settings

Smart Launcher 5 User-Experience Conclusion

In conclusion, Smart Launcher 5 is the best simple launcher I’ve ever used. It has advanced options without providing unnecessary and flashy features that most people won’t use. So, it’s most likely will be productive and help many users on using their smartphone to become more productive.

Now that you’ve known what’s good and what’s bad about Smart Launcher 5, you may want to download and install it right away. If you’ve your own favorite Android launcher, or some kind of feedback, you can leave it in the comment below.

If you prefer another launcher, I recommend you to use Nova Launcher.

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