Fix: “Sorry, Something Went Wrong Creating Your Account” on Instagram

Some users can’t create a new Instagram account and see a message saying “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account”. Here’s how to fix it.

sorry something went wrong creating your account

The popular social media Instagram isn’t always functioning properly and some users reported that they encounter an error message saying “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon”. Here’s how to fix it so you can make an Instagram account on your Android or iPhone.

This problem is similar to other apps’ as it involves basic suggestions for solving the problem. The causes may vary. It could be your Instagram app’s configuration, the cache, your phone’s wrong date and time, internet connection, outdated Instagram app, or more.

How to fix “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account”

These are just suggestions and you can do any of them nonconsecutively. You can try them on your Instagram app installed on Android or iPhone. Although this post specifically uses Android as an example.

Ensure you have set the right date and time

If you accidentally set the wrong date and time on your Android or iPhone, you will encounter problems with apps or services that involve the internet connection. A simple fix would be obviously setting the right date and time.

To do that on Android, open the Settings app > Additional settings > Date and time.

Select Use network-provided time. Or select Auto. A different Android phone might have a different interface and method to set the date and time automatically.

Now, try opening the Instagram app and creating a new account.

Clear the Instagram app’s cache and data

A cache is an important element of an app to work quicker, but it can conflict with the actual data you receive from the server’s end. You probably can’t create an Instagram account because of this.

To clear the cache, simply open the Settings. Search the Instagram app. On the bottom, select Clear data. Select Clear all data and Clear cache. Keep in mind that this will remove all stored data on your installed Instagram app, including signing-in information.

instagram clear cache android

Try making a new Instagram account and see if it is solved.

Reinstall the Instagram app

Sometimes a solution to an app or software problem is by reinstalling it, and you can do so easily. Open the Play Store, and search for the Instagram app. Select Uninstall. Wait until it’s uninstalled.

Then, install the app again. Open Instagram. Try making a new Instagram account.

Try using a VPN

Your IP address might have been banned by Instagram. Although the company itself never says anything about it, they can still ban your devices or IP addresses if they think you’re violating their terms. This is a common method to filter out spammy users for most websites, services, and apps.

You can try using a VPN, create an Instagram account, and see if it solves the issue.

One thing more you can do is instead of installing Instagram from the Play Store, install it from the APK file itself. You can get it from trusted sites like APKMirror.

Use another phone or device to create an Instagram account

If you still experience the problem, you can try using another phone or PC to create an Instagram account, then sign in to the account on your own devices.

This might the only solution if your device is actually “banned” by Instagram.

Instagram allows users to create a new account, but some reported that they can’t and see a message saying “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account” instead. Hopefully, the above suggestions solve the problem.

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