How To Fix “Start PXE Over IPv4” on Windows 11/10

When trying to boot or turn on your computer, you see a message saying “Start PXE over IPv4”. Here’s how to fix that problem on Windows 11, Windows 10, or other versions.

how to fix start pxe over ipv4 on windows

Booting a computer requires a complex process, and when that process fails it can be really difficult to fix the problem, including a problem about an error message that says Start PXE Over IPv4 on Windows 11, Windows 10, or other Windows versions when you try to boot or turn on your computer.

What does the “Start PXE over IPv4” error message mean?

In essence, this error is caused by the wrong BIOS configuration that uses its way to boot from LAN but then fails, which is caused by the BIOS not detecting other bootable drives to boot from. This message might happen even if you don’t intend to boot from LAN and just use your computer normally.

What is PXE?

PXE which stands for Preboot Execution Environment is used to boot your PC retrieved from the network and uses a client-server interface. It uses network protocols which are DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol). PXE is usually enabled by default, although you can turn it off.

How to fix the “Start PXE over IPv4” error message?

Knowing that your hard disk isn’t the priority boot source for the BIOS to boot your PC from, you have to make it a priority to fix this “Start PXE over IPv4” error message. But you can also do other suggestions to fix the same error if that one doesn’t work.

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Turn off Legacy Support and Secure Boot

Secure Boot and Legacy Support might impact how your PC boots negatively. To disable Secure Boot and Legacy Support, turn off your computer, and turn it on again to go to the BIOS.

Go to the Security tab. On the Secure boot, disable it. Then, select Legacy Support and disable it. Save it, exit BIOS, and then turn on your computer.

You might see a message saying “boot order was changed”. You might also get asked to enter particular numbers, if so, then simply enter those numbers. If not, simply finish the process.

Enter the BIOS again, and go to the Boot tab. Select your hard drive as the first priority to boot from. Save and then exit.

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Now, disable PXE boot

The last thing to do is just to disable the PXE boot itself. You might have a different option name for the PXE boot, but in general, the method is similar.

Enter the BIOS again, and go to the Boot tab. This time, on the PXE Boot to LAN, select Disabled.

Save the changes. Exit the BIOS. Then, you should see your PC boot normally again.

Booting issues can be quite complicated to solve, but don’t worry, the above suggestions should solve the “Start PXE over IPv4” error message when trying to boot or turning on your PC.

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