How To Stop Chrome From Reloading Tabs Automatically on Windows 11/Android

Chrome uses too many resources that it refreshes when you open a tab. Here’s how to stop Chrome from reloading tabs automatically.

how to stop chrome from reloading tabs automatically on windows 10 android

Google Chrome has this feature that always freezes active tabs. It’s annoying and some users find it difficult to disable. Here’s how to stop Chrome from reloading tabs automatically (Windows 10 and Android).

Why does Chrome always reload tabs automatically?

Google Chrome is known to always use more memory than others, that it can crash due to run out of memory, and that it has this feature called tab discarding which freezes tabs and reloads them only when you click it.

This feature was able to be turned on and off years ago. Now, Chrome seems to remove it and doesn’t provide a way to let users choose whether they want the tab discarding feature, so they can stop it from reloading tabs every time they click them.

But, no. If you use an older version of Chrome, you might still have it. But if you use a new one, there’s still a way, although that isn’t guaranteed to stop Chrome from reloading tabs automatically.

How to stop Chrome from reloading tabs automatically

The old version of Chrome

This method can be done on an older version of Chrome that still has experimental features related to tab discarding on chrome://flags. Yes, this is possible on Android as well, not just on Windows 10 or the PC version.

how to stop chrome from reloading tabs automatically on windows 10 android

Simply visit chrome://flags through the address bar. Then, search one of the following features/flags:

#proactive-tab-freeze-and-discard (enable freeze only)
#automatic-tab-discarding (disabled)

Search each flag (the hashtag) and if you manage to find it, simply select the one inside the bracket above as the selected option. However, if you use the latest Chrome, you most likely won’t find these.

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Latest Chrome

It’s very unfortunate that the options to disable automatic tab discarding were just experimental and temporary. But that doesn’t mean you would have to suffer from this automatic reloading.

You can try another solution: Disable automatic tab discarding extension. This can be installed for your Chrome and other browsers based on Chromium (like Microsoft Edge or Opera).

disable automatic tab discarding extension on chrome

Download the extension, and install it. Select Add to Chrome. Select Add extension.

install disable automatic tab discarding extension

On Android

As Chrome has removed those experimental features, the only thing you can control is your RAM usage and how your Android uses the resources.

Android has an option that lets you destroy an activity when you leave the app. So, make sure that option isn’t enabled.

To do that, go to the Settings, select Additional Settings, and select Developer options.


Here, disable Don’t keep activities.

developer option on android

If you have very low RAM, your Chrome will most likely automatically refresh tabs. Chrome does this to save more resources so you can do something else or multitask without lag, although that might be actually more annoying for some people.

Google Chrome uses much of your RAM and it is solving itself by automatically collapsing and reloading your tabs. If you are still stuck with this issue, the only solution is probably downgrading your Chrome version to the below 75.

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