How to Prevent WhatsApp from Compressing Your Pictures

send images without losing quality on whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded messaging apps in the world. Unfortunately, images sent and uploaded to WhatsApp will be automatically compressed. For people who would like to send others images with original, high quality, then you must learn this simple steps on how to prevent WhatsApp from compressing the images you’re uploading.

Don’t worry, these simple steps don’t require third-party apps for you to send a high quality WhatsApp images. Heck, they only require you the WhatsApp app itself.

This trick works both on Android and iOS. On any Android or iOS version that also support the latest WhatsApp version.

How To Upload Original, High Quality Images on WhatsApp without Losing Quality

Alright. Let’s crack into it.

First, you gotta prepare the images. You can upload them on bulk, too. You can also compressed them into a ZIP file or something like that to make the process a lot easier.

Open the chat on whom you would like to send those image to.

Click the attachment icon that located on the left of the image icon.

click whatsapp attachment button

Now, all you have to do to upload uncompressed WhatsApp image is by clicking the Document. It’s that simple.

clicking the document button on whatsapp app to stop it from compressing your picture

The Document option also support image formats. Any file format if you will. That option exist because WhatsApp also used to send any file people would like to send, including a raw, uncompressed high quality images.

After clicking or tapping the Document, now choose any images you would like to send.

If the images don’t exist, you may have to tap Browse other docs…. button so you can discover other folder on your internal memory.

browser other docs to discover images you would like to upload in original quality

Once you find all those images, you can upload them and send them without going through the compression process. You can also choose and upload them in bulk.

this is where you upload images in original, high quality on whatsapp

choose bulk to upload those images without losing quality on whatsapp

After you choose images you would like to upload, you can tap Open now to upload and send them to others through WhatsApp.

In just few seconds, WhatsApp send those images without compressing them or losing its images quality to other user, like this.

send images without losing quality on whatsapp

Why WhatsApp Automatically Compress Images You’re Uploading

If you use the image upload feature with image icon on it, WhatsApp will compress your picture automatically before sending it to another user. Just like another service, including Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp does that to make the upload process faster and save more internet data. WhatsApp think it’s a win-win because, hey, not everyone are photographer who’re willing to cost more money to buy more internet data.

For most people and most of the time, this feature saved a lot of money and times, for the users and the WhatsApp server itself. Generally this is not a problem if the pictures you’re uploading aren’t that important to keep its highest quality, but if they’re, then by all means upload them by keeping its raw quality.

Why Raw, Uncompressed Images

Uncompressed images are necessary if you’re a photographer who use WhatsApp as media to send the images you’re working on. If you’re a content creator who work with your teams and use WhatsApp, this tutorial will help.

I’ve also found WhatsApp useful not just to send me my personal pictures to my girlfriend, my mom, and my friends, but also my co-worker who need images with original quality so that he could edit them on the PC with Photoshop.

Can I Stop WhatsApp Permanently Compressing My Images?

Yes, I know, it’s a bit harder to upload high quality image without losing its quality by just clicking the attachment icon and finding images manually. But unfortunately there’s no other way.

So the answer is: you can’t. But you can use that attachment feature for free anyway.

If You Don’t Compress Images You’re Uploading on the WhatsApp, WhatsApp Would Takes More Storage Space To Keep Your Backup

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: WhatsApp will keep your images as backup and if you don’t compress them, it will take more spaces. So, you only want to use the feature for the important stuff. Especially if you keep your backup on the internal.

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