What Do Telegram Check Marks Mean When You Sent Messages?

Telegram works differently from WhatsApp and Signal, but they do provide similar checkmarks. What do Telegram check marks mean anyway?

What Do Telegram Check Marks Mean When You Sent Messages?

Telegram works a little differently from WhatsApp or even Signal, but it has a similar concept of showing whether your message has been read or not with checkmarks. However, unlike WhatsApp and Signal, Telegram has a simpler concept of displaying whether a message has been read or not through checkmarks.Telegram only has two: one checkmark and double checkmarks; both without a loading icon or different colors to signify their meanings.

One checkmark on Telegram

The first thing you would encounter when you send a message is the one checkmark, which means that your message has either been delivered (sent to the recipient's phone, but not read yet), or not delivered at all. Telegram doesn't have "delivered" and "not delivered" marks because Telegram can be used on many devices simultaneously in real time.This makes it impossible to distinguish whether the recipient's phone is turned off, or if they have received your message but have decided not to read it. telegram check marks mean

Double checkmarks on Telegram

The second thing you would see is double checkmarks.

This one simply means your message has been read by the recipient on Telegram. telegram double check marks Telegram doesn't have any color difference to mark how your message is sent, which can be confusing when you need for responses from other participants. If you are looking for a way to hide read receipts in Telegram, unfortunately, can't do that.Telegram doesn't provide that feature, unlike WhatsApp and Signal.

Telegram makes itself unique in the messaging app markets.There are only two kinds of ticks or checkmarks you will see when sending a message, which can be easily understood.