How To Fix: Telegram Not Sending Verification Code (Android & iPhone)

Telegram requires users to register with a phone number and send a verification code to the device being used before being able to sign in. Some users have complained about not receiving the verification code or that Telegram seems to not send the code. If you’re having this problem, read on to find out what you can do to fix it.

Why isn’t Telegram sending my verification code?

There are a few reasons why you don’t receive a verification code from Telegram:

  • Telegram might have sent a verification on an already signed-in device instead of sending a text message.
  • You might have registered the wrong phone number.
  • Your device is unable to receive an SMS verification code.
  • The SMS verification code gets into the spam folder of your SMS app.
  • You have a bad phone signal.
  • You have an unstable internet connection.
  • There’s a problem with your SMS app receiving an SMS message.
  • Possible bugs on Telegram.

How do I sign in to Telegram when I can’t receive a verification code?

Thankfully, there are ways to sign in to Telegram when you can’t receive a verification code. You can check a Telegram message on an already signed-in device or request a verification call instead of a text message.

If you lose your phone, you can try to go to your cell service provider and see if you can get a new SIM card with the same phone number. If you can, you can then sign in to Telegram and get the verification code on your new device.

This post covers the detail step-by-step on what you can do when you don’t receive a Telegram verification code, among other possible solutions.

Checking an already signed-in Telegram account on another device

If you’re trying to sign in to Telegram on a new device and you’re not receiving a verification code, you can check your account on another device where you’re already signed in. Telegram also sends a verification code to another device on which you have signed in to Telegram, in addition to a text message.

You can see the verification code or “login code” on a message sent by Telegram on the Telegram app, like this:

telegram login code on pc

If you don’t want to do this, ensure that you also ask for a text message verification instead of the login code that is sent to another device. You can do that by selecting “Tap to get a code via SMS”.

tap to get a code via sms

Request a phone call verification instead of a text message

If you’re having trouble receiving text message verification codes from Telegram, you can request a phone call verification instead. On Android and iPhone, you can wait for five minutes after requesting a text message verification code before requesting a phone call verification code.

If your phone gets stolen, try requesting a new SIM card with the same phone number

Most cell service providers will allow you to request a new SIM card with the same phone number if your phone is stolen. This can be a helpful way to keep your information and contacts safe if your phone is lost or stolen.

After getting the new SIM card, you can try accessing your Telegram with the same phone number with the verification code sent to it.

Clear the Telegram cache

If you’re still having trouble receiving text message verification from Telegram, one thing you can try is clearing the app’s cache. This might help fix a bug that’s preventing Telegram from sending you the verification message.

To clear the Telegram cache on Android, go to the Settings > Apps > Telegram. Tap “Clear data” > “Clear cache”. If you’re using iPhone, you can clear the cache by accessing the Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Telegram. Select “Offload app” to clear the Telegram cache.

Check if your text messaging app is able to receive a text message

Some text messaging apps can have trouble receiving a text message verification code. Check that the app has permission to access both phone and SMS. You can do that by going to the Settings > Apps > Telegram. Under “Permissions”, see if the required permissions are allowed.

Check if Telegram might be currently down

If you’re trying to use Telegram and it’s not working, besides you don’t receive a verification code, it’s possible that the service is currently down. There’s not much you can do in this case except wait until it’s back up and running. Try checking the Telegram website or social media channels for updates.

If you still don’t get verification codes, don’t request too often

Telegram limits the number of times you can request a verification code. If you request the verification code too many times, you might receive a message saying “Too many attempts, please try again later“. So, try to wait for a few hours before requesting another text message verification code, to avoid being locked out.

To sum up, if you’re having trouble with Telegram not sending verification code, you can try clearing the cache, requesting a phone call verification, and checking if the text message gets into the spam folder of your messaging app. You can also try contacting Telegram’s support team.

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