How to Add Temperature on Instagram Story (Android & iPhone)

adding temperature on instagram story

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps that is developed by Facebook. It is getting new feature, improvement, and security updates every week. One of them is a temperature on Instagram. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to add temperature on Instagram story.

Temperature on Instagram is only available for Instagram story. This mean you’ve to login to your Instagram account and create a story that only last 24 hours (or forever by saving them as highlight) with temperature on it.

By “temperature”, we mean the temperature of your location that is being putted as sticker in Instagram story. Most of the temperature sticker on Instagram is with fahrenheit instead of celsius. This is amazing if you want to tell your friends or your Instagram follower that you’re in a location that is too hot or too cold.

Besides, Instagram stories has many more features. If you know how, you can also download someone’s Instagram stories that are private easily. But it’s another story.

Other than temperature sticker, you can also create your own GIF for Instagram story.

Instagram temperature is automatically detected by the your device’s location. This means, you’ve to activate or accept location permission asked by Instagram, before actually show temperature sticker on Instagram story.

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How to Add Temperature on Instagram: Accept the Location Permission

You’ve to accept the location permission before adding temperature on Instagram story. You can do this both in Android and iPhone.

How to Enable Location in Instagram (Android)

To do this in Android, open your Settings app.

Scroll down, tap Manage apps. Now, search for instagram. Tap the Instagram app.

how to add the temperature on instagram

Now, you’ll have to tap App permission. Make sure you enable Location that is signed with green toggle.

temperature on instagram need to enable location permission

That’s it. Now you’re eligible to add temperature on Instagram story.

How to Enable Location in Instagram (iPhone)

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You’ll also have to enable location in Instagram on iPhone. To do this, open the Settings app of your device.

Tap Privacy, and then tap Location Services.

Select While using the app on Instagram app.

How to Add The Temperature on Instagram Story: Creating Story

Instagram temperature sticker is only available for story. You can’t post temperature on your post. But, you can make your story last longer by saving it as highlight that is putted on your Instagram profile.

To do this, just open your Instagram app. Go to your profile. Tap the blue button at your profile picture. Open a picture or capture it on Instagram story.

instagram profile to add temperature

Now, tap the sticker button that is located at the top. You can see the temperature sticker easily there. Tap the temperature sticker. Then tap Send button.

adding temperature on instagram story

You can share the story by tapping Share.

adding temperature in instagram story

Instagram has temperature sticker feature intended to show your follower the temperature of the location you’re in. You can do more than just adding temperature sticker on Instagram.

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