How to Add Temperature Sticker to Instagram Story

Instagram has a temperature sticker, but some users reported that it's missing. Learn how to get it back to add the sticker to your story.

How to Add Temperature Sticker to Instagram Story

Instagram provides the sticker feature on the stories, including one of the most used stickers which is the temperature sticker. It shows a glimpse of the user's temperature when the story was posted.

However, some reported that they can't find the temperature sticker, and it looks like it's missing on their account or app. This post will help you to fix that problem so you can add or share temperature on your Instagram stories.

Temperature sticker on Instagram

A temperature sticker on an Instagram story is a sticker that shows the temperature of your location at the time when you post the story. This sticker requires location access so ensure you have allowed permission for Instagram to use your location.

You can create a story that only lasts 24 hours (or forever by saving them as a highlight) with a temperature sticker on it. You will likely see that the temperature sticker on Instagram is using Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, and you can convert it to Celcius.

This feature can be beneficial when you want to tell your friends or followers that you're in a location with an unusual temperature. You can save the moment of how it looks by adding a picture or a video to the same story.

Instagram's temperature sticker works by detecting your device's location and then showing its temperature data. It doesn't show the complete weather information of your current location. But you can tap to manually the sticker to show a weather icon whether it's currently cloudy or sunny,

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Adding a temperature sticker to an Instagram story

Adding an Instagram temperature sticker to your story can be done by creating a story, tapping the sticker button, and tapping a temperature icon shown in Fahrenheit.

Open the Instagram app. Select the + button to create a story. Tap Story. Upload a picture.

Tap the sticker button that's located at the top.

adding temperature sticker

Search for a temperature sticker by scrolling down. You should see a sticker with a temperature icon shown in Fahrenheit. Tap it to add it to your story.

how to add temperature sticker to instagram story

Drag the temperature sticker as desired. Select the > button to post or send the story.

creating an instagram story with a sticker

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Why you can't add a temperature sticker to an Instagram story

Some users experience that they don't see a temperature sticker when creating a story. Unlike other stickers, a temperature sticker might not show on all devices due to misconfigured location, bugs on the app, bad internet connection, and more explained below:

Denied location permission

Instagram requires location access to be allowed for the temperature sticker to work. As previously mentioned, the sticker works by gathering the temperature data of your location that it detects automatically.

Inaccurate GPS

GPS on your Android or iPhone might not be accurate enough to allow the temperature sticker to work, and it might show the wrong temperature, too. Android has a method to improve the accuracy of the GPS and you can learn how by continue reading this post.

Wrong language

Some stickers on the Instagram story require English to be set on the app's settings for them to work. It's recommended to use English on your Instagram app to show the most stickers available on the story, including the temperature.

Instagram app's bug

The Instagram app might not be working properly due to the app's bugs that cause the temperature sticker to be unavailable. The solution for this issue can be done by clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, or updating the app. Continue reading to learn how.

How to fix it when you can't find the temperature sticker

Fixing the missing temperature sticker can be done by allowing permission for location, improving the GPS accuracy, setting the language to English, restarting your phone, and a few other methods that are explained in the following section:

Allow permission for location

You can allow permission for location on Android and iPhone.

On Android

Open the Settings app. Tap Apps > Instagram. Select App permissions, then tap Location.

app info instagram allow permission for location

Select Allow only while using the app.

location permission allow only while using the app

Normally, you should see the sticker when selecting other stickers and GIFs after doing the above method. If you don't, you can try restarting your phone. If you still don't see the sticker, you can do each of these methods to help fix the missing temperature sticker.

On iPhone

You can allow Instagram to access your location on your iPhone by manually allowing it on Settings or the app directly when it asks. If you just installed the Instagram app, it will ask for permission to access your location right after you open the sticker feature on Instagram.

Open the Instagram app. Try creating a story. Tap the sticker button at the top. Then, you will see a pop-up. Tap Allow to let Instagram access your location. You can disable this on the Settings app next time if you wish to deny permission.

allow instagram to access your location while you are using the app

You might not see the temperature sticker yet, you can try restarting the Instagram app to let the change takes effect. If you still don't see the sticker, try restarting your iPhone.

You can also allow Instagram to access your location using the Settings app. Open it, and select Instagram. Select Location.

settings instagram location while using on iphone

Here, select While using the app to allow location access only when using Instagram.

allow instagram to access location

Try restarting the Instagram app.

Enable the location or GPS

If you haven't enabled the location, Instagram won't be able to detect your location to gather its temperature, even if it's allowed to access your location.

On Android

To enable location on Android, open the notification center by swiping down your Android screen from the very top of the screen. Select Location and ensure it's enabled.

location or gps button on android

On iPhone

You can enable location access on your iPhone through the Settings app. Open the Settings app > Privacy > Location Services.

iphone privacy location services on

Set the toggle on for Location services. Green means enabled.

location services enabled on iphone

Improve the GPS accuracy

Your GPS might not be accurate enough to let Instagram detect the right location of your device. You can increase accuracy on Android using a built-in setting.

Open the Settings. Search for "location". Open it, scroll down, and tap Google location accuracy. Set the toggle on for Improve location accuracy.

location google location accuracy

Switch to English on Instagram

Some stickers might not work on the Instagram app when you switch to a non-English language. You can switch back to English by opening Settings.

Tap the hamburger button on your profile. Select Settings.


Search "language", and tap Language.

settings language instagram

Here, select English to set English as your Instagram app language.

language english

Try disabling a VPN

If you use a VPN, your device location might not be accurate as the VPN changes your location. You can disable the VPN by opening the app and disconnecting it on your own.

vpn to fix the missing temperature sticker on instagram

Update the Instagram app

If the Instagram app isn't up-to-date, it will be difficult to fix bugs that may cause the missing temperature sticker. You can update Instagram by accessing the Play Store or App Store. Search the app, and tap Update if there's any update available.

Clear cache and data of the Instagram app

Instagram may not work properly when there's a conflict between the cache and what it's trying to load on the app. You can clear the cache on Android by opening Settings > Apps > Instagram. Select Clear data. Select Clear cache.

instagram clear all data

Reinstall the Instagram app

If all of the above suggestions don't work, you can try reinstalling the app. Reinstalling the app may fix whatever bug causing the missing temperature sticker. You can reinstall it by either accessing the Play Store or its page from Settings.

If you use Settings, tap Uninstall > OK.

uninstall instagram

Learn more about the temperature sticker on Instagram

There are more things you can do with the temperature sticker on Instagram, such as switching from Fahrenheit to Celcius.

Change the temperature sticker from Fahrenheit to Celcius

You can change the sticker's unit of temperature by tapping the sticker a few times until you see it in the Celcius unit.

instagram temperature sticker in Celsius

Changing the weather icon on an Instagram story

You can change the weather icon by tapping the sticker. When you tap one or two times, you will notice the weather icon changes from sunny to cloudy but the unit of temperature is still Fahrenheit. This feature, unfortunately, isn't available in the Celcius unit.

hot instagram temperature sticker

Instagram has a temperature sticker feature with the purpose of showing your follower the temperature of the location you're in. It's not straightforward when it requires location access. Thankfully, it can be solved by doing the above methods.

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