What Does “This Tweet is Unavailable” Mean?

You open Twitter and read some tweets, but there’s one thing that leads you confused: “this tweet is unavailable
message”. Here’s what it really means.

While you’re bored, you open Twitter app. You see a hot thread is getting a lot of likes and retweets. You scroll down the thread. But then you see “This tweet is unavailable” message covering the tweet you want to see. What does “This tweet is unavailable” mean?

Twitter is giant social media app with about 300 millions of active monthly users. That’s a lot of users. Twitter must have done something to hide or censor the tweet, right? Is “This tweet is unavailable” message is deliberately deleted by Twitter?

Well, that’s not always the case. There are actually a lot more reasons behind this message.

This message shows covering the tweet with light blue background that the general meaning was that the tweet is just unavailable, right?

If you don’t want to know the reasons why the tweet is unavailable, that’s just it. But some people is really curious that they want to know why it is unavailable.

“This Tweet is Unavailable” Means and Why

This message doesn’t make a lot of sense when you first time see it on Twitter. Why would Twitter not let us know the reason the tweet is unavailable? Why don’t just they show an exact message that says what it means?

Twitter is complicated social media app. While the features are actually pretty simple: you just tweet, there are lot of different kind of warning or error message when you see a tweet. Like, “This tweet may include sensitive content”, or “This tweet violates the Twitter Rules”.

Those messages are actually helpful and you know the reason why those tweets are unavailable, deleted, etc. Meanwhile, “This tweet is unavailable” isn’t just helpful, but most of the times it is confusing, especially if you currently see an increase of this kind of warning message.

While the meaning is lot, I will keep it simple for you:

  • Twitter has deleted the tweet, right before you click the thread showing the tweet.
  • The Twitter user has deleted the tweet, right before you click the thread showing the tweet.
  • The Twitter user blocked you or vice versa.
  • The Twitter has protected their account (making their account private), and you didn’t follow them. If you follow them, you need their approval.

Well, those aren’t the exact reasons on why the tweet is unavailable. But, the meanings can be perceived better if you know the context of the thread you’re reading.

For example, if the thread is something offensive that baits a lot of users to send replies, there might be some users deleting their tweets and replying at the same time, right before you click the thread. I said “right” because Twitter most of the time just don’t show the tweet at all if you open Twitter or click the thread long after the tweet has been deleted.

The same thing works if you have read the notification or have access to the thread already. You will see “This tweet is unavailable” when the person you send reply to, for example, delete the tweet after you get the notification from other person that send replies to them, but you can’t see deleted tweet anymore.

This also can happen if inside the threads there are blocking and unblocking going on between two users.

Is There a Way to See Tweets That Aren’t Available?

This really depends on the real reason about the unavailable tweet which you can’t figure out. But, there are something you can do to see the tweets that aren’t available anymore:

  • Unblock the users so you can see the tweet again.
  • If you’re the one who’s blocked, you can contact the user to unblock you using other social media or any other way.
  • If the tweet has been deleted, you or they can’t see it anymore. Not even anybody.

But, there are still other ways to see deleted tweets or unavailable tweets:

  1. You can use archive.org Wayback Machine which archive web pages. You can go to this page, enter the tweet’s URL, then see the archives.
  2. You can use Google search’s cache feature. You can do this by copying and pasting the tweet’s URL to Google (hopefully has been indexed), tap the drop down menu that shows after the URL, tap “Cache”. You can only do this on PC browser.

And, if you need something more important on the case you’re experiencing about the unavailable tweet, you can contact Twitter on this page.

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