3 Easy Ways to Fix TikTok Not Loading Videos

TikTok, just like other platforms, can be down and inaccessible. Here’s how to fix TikTok not loading videos anymore.

tiktok not loading videos

TikTok is really crowded, and you probably spend hours on the platform seeing memes and stuff. But there’s a problem some users experience, and probably you as well: TikTok not loading videos. Here’s how to fix it.

There are multiple reasons why TikTok not playing videos. But it always comes down to either the internet connection you have, the TikTok app, or the TikTok server itself.

Fix TikTok not loading videos

Make sure your internet is fine

The first thing to diagnose is your internet connection. Make sure you can access other websites. If TikTok can not be accessed but other websites can, that means the problem is on the TikTok server.

If the TikTok server is the problem, there’s nothing else you can do other than just waiting for it to work again. You can also ask other TikTok users you know in real life whether the website is down or not — just to make sure it’s not because the TikTok server is blocked on your internet/device.

Or, try to access TikTok using a different device and internet connection. If TikTok still can’t be accessed, that means it’s just down.

Restart your Wi-fi router or connection

If you suspect that your internet is the problem and that the TikTok server is just fine on other internet connections or other devices — or you can’t access websites in general, now you have to take care of your internet connection problem.

There are multiple ways on fixing the internet problem. You can restart your Wi-fi router. If you use the mobile data, try enabling the airplane mode and then disabling it again.

Also, check for VPN and DNS connection. Those things influence your internet connection, and those may limit traffic to the TikTok server, like slowing down the access to TikTok, causing TikTok not to load videos properly.

Sign out, clear the TikTok app cache, reinstall the app, then sign in again

Now, if you think your internet is just fine as well as the TikTok server, the app might be the problem. This requires you to clear the TikTok app data on your smartphone (Android or iPhone).

Simply sign out of TikTok, clear the app cache, reinstall the app, and finally sign in again. If you don’t know to clear the TikTok app cache, you can do this:

Open the Settings app on your smartphone. Select Apps. Search for TikTok. Simply tap Clear data. Select Clear cache.

TikTok isn’t posting, uploading, saving, and playing videos can be fixed with the common methods like the above ones. If none solves the problem, then simply wait until the TikTok server fixes itself.

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