How To Turn Off “Are You Still Watching?” on Netflix

netflix manage profiles

Netflix allows you to watch multiple episodes of a show at one session. But there’s this popular message that may annoy you: “Are you still watching?”. Here’s how to turn off “are you still watching” on Netflix easily.

Why does Netflix ask “are you still watching?”

Netflix asks you “are you still watching?” because you enabled it to automatically play the next episode. When you leave the screen without doing anything, and three episodes have been played in a row, you are going to see this message.

If you press the pause button, change captions, rewind, or do anything then Netflix won’t ask you “are you still watching?”.

This message appears to prevent you from spending internet data unnecessarily, even if you enable the autoplay feature on Netflix. This message also appears on TV or any device.

You can bypass this message by selecting Continue. It’s self-explanatory but that’s the easiest way to continue watching on Netflix. Although that may be annoying if you intentionally binge-watch without interacting with the interface.

But there are still ways to disable or get rid of “are you still watching?” on Netflix.

How to turn off “are you still watching?” on Netflix

Using an extension on a browser

how to turn off are you still watching on netflix

If you watch Netflix on a browser on a PC, you can bypass or disable “are you still watching?” on Netflix easily with an extension, while keeping the video playing despite the fact you’re not interacting with the interface.

Download this extension

The downside is that the extension only works on Chromium browsers, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. You can try searching for a similar extension or add-on on other browsers.

By turning off the autoplay on Netflix

You can also disable the “are you still watching?” message by turning off the autoplay feature. The downside is that you’re going to have to manually play the next episode if you want to keep watching.

To do this, simply open the Netflix website, sign in to your account. Select Manage profiles.

netflix manage profiles

Here, simply select the edit button.

netflix edit profile

You can uncheck Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices to disable the autoplay. Select Save.

save button

After this, simply log out of Netflix including on TV to apply the change.

Now, Netflix won’t ask you “are you still watching?” anymore, but the video is going to end automatically after every episode.

Netflix has a popular message that asks “are you still watching?” but if that annoys you, you can simply disable it with the above methods.

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