How To Turn Off “Open To Work” Photo Frame on LinkedIn

If you use Linkedin and you don’t remember where your “open to work” photo frame came from, here’s how to disable it so other Linkedin users won’t see it.

how to remove open to work photo frame on linkedin

Linkedin has the “open to work” feature that lets recruiters or anyone look for Linkedin users that are looking for jobs very easily and to make users stand out to recruiters. This feature comes at a cost of adding the #OpenToWork frame on your Linkedin profile picture. Read to learn how to remove the frame if you don’t like it.

How to disable Linkedin’s “open to work” badge

To disable this, simply open your Linkedin profile and select the edit button below the “Open to work” box which is located under the profile picture.

edit linkedin profile

Here, on Choose who sees you’re open option, select Recruiters only.

recruiter only linkedin

Select Save. You won’t see the “open to work” badge on your Linkedin profile picture anymore.

linkedin profile picture without open to work badge

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