How To Disable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

2FA on Instagram can be useful. However, there is a time when you want to disable the 2FA especially if you find it difficult to sign in with it enabled.

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Instagram has a method to help your account be more secure with two-factor authentication (2FA). Some users who have turned on 2FA might actually find it more difficult to sign in for some reason, but if you wish to stop using 2FA for Instagram, you can turn it off.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security that requires you to enter a verification code that is sent to your phone or that you receive from an authenticator app, like Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator.

Normally, you would be required to enter a username/email and password to sign in to Instagram. With the two-factor authentication enabled, you would also be required to enter the verification code that’s sent to the authenticator app.

That verification code will expire quickly and you have to enter a new one generated from the authenticator app or you request to send the code again to your phone through SMS or other methods. This makes it safer when someone has your Instagram account’s email and password but doesn’t have access to your phone or your authenticator app.

However, some people might find it harder to sign in with 2FA, or even experience problems such as not receiving a code. Although it might make your account less safe, you can still turn off the 2FA on Instagram in an easy way.

Is it safe to disable two-factor authentication on Instagram?

Disabling two-factor authentication on Instagram will leave your account more vulnerable to unauthorized access. When someone knows your Instagram email and password, they’d sign in easier without 2FA.

It’s always recommended to enable 2FA to make your Instagram account more secure.

How do I disable two-factor authentication on Instagram?

To turn off 2FA on Instagram, open the app. Select your profile. Select the hamburger menu > Settings > Security > Two-factor authentication. You can then set the toggle off for the Authentication option.

2fa settings on instagram

Assuming you’re using an authentication app, select Authentication app, and set the toggle off on Authentication app to disable 2FA on Instagram.

You will get a confirmation message. Select Turn off. You should now see that the toggle button will be set gray meaning two-factor authentication has been turned off.

how to turn off two factor authentication on instagram

If you use WhatsApp or SMS (text message), you can turn off two-factor authentication by setting the toggle button off. Now when you sign in to Instagram, you would not get asked for a 2FA code. You will sign in simply with your email/username and password. You can also disable 2FA on Facebook if you want to.

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How to turn on two-factor authentication on Instagram

If you wish to go back using two-factor authentication on Instagram, you can still turn it on by reversing the above steps. Open the Instagram app, and open your profile. Select the hamburger button.

Select Settings > Security.

Here, you can manage your security settings on the Instagram app, including the two-factor authentication. Select Two-factor authentication and select Get started.


You have three 2FA methods, and you can choose the one you find easier. For this post, I use the authentication app. Set the toggle button on to turn it on. Ensure you have installed Google Authenticator first. If you have, simply click Next to open one.

authentication confirmation code

On Google Authenticator, save the code. You can long-tap it to copy the code. Now, go back to the Instagram app. Select Next. Enter the code you previously copied.

account recovery

Wait for a few seconds. You should see the two-factor authentication is on, and there should be a message saying that. Select Done and you will see recovery codes. You can screenshot these codes to save them, so in case you lose your phone or accidentally uninstall Google Authenticator, you can still sign in to Instagram.

Instagram, other social media, as well as other apps and services provide two-factor authentication to make your account safer, so it’s always recommended to turn it on. You can also use other easier methods for 2FA like through WhatsApp messages or SMS, instead of an authenticator app that might be more difficult for some people, instead of completely turning off 2FA.

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