How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitter (Android, iPhone & PC)

Twitter has dark theme, which is personally better than the light, especially during the night. Here’s how to enable dark mode on Twitter (Android, iPhone, & PC).

Twitter, for most people, isn’t enough if you don’t use a dark theme. By default, Twitter uses a light theme that’s not pleasing to the eyes. Here’s how to make Twitter dark mode on Android, iPhone, and PC (web).

The dark mode is a popular theme that is also available in other apps and services, like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Twitter’s dark mode is preferable because it’s comfortable. It reduces eye strain, and glare, and is nice-looking especially when you’re in the dark. While some people turn dark mode on all the time, even during the day.

Another benefit of the dark mode is that it extends your battery life. It saves more since you don’t really need more brightness enabled on your phone screen than you do when you use light mode.

The more complicated explanation is that dark pixels don’t require much power, especially if you use AMOLED phones.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitter (Android and iPhone)

Changing Twitter’s light theme to a dark theme is easy. Twitter has two different dark themes you can choose: Dim or Lights out. You can also set it to automatically use the dark theme after sunset.

You can do this on Android and iPhone.

To do this, simply go to your Twitter app. Tap your profile picture. It will show a menu.

Now, tap Settings and Privacy. It will open another menu that allows you to enable dark mode on Twitter.

Tap Display and Sound. It’s where you change Twitter settings for appearance and sound.

how to enable dark mode on twitter android

Now, tap Dark mode.

how to enable dark mode on iphone

You will have some options to make Twitter dark mode on Android and iPhone. Choose On. Then, choose which dark theme you want. You can choose Automatic at sunset if you want Twitter to change the theme automatically.

how to get dark mode for twitter android

You can choose Dim or Lights out.

twitter light out theme

Twitter is now using the dark theme or dark mode. You can switch back at any time.

twitter dark theme

How to Make Twitter Use Dark Mode on PC (Web Version)

If you think you can’t use dark mode on Twitter, you’re wrong. You clearly can.

To do this, simply click More on your Twitter feed.

how to enable dark mode on twitter desktop pc

Then, click Display.

enable dark mode for twitter pc

Now, choose which theme you want to use on Twitter. You can choose Dim, which is a slightly dark mode. You can also choose a different accent color other than blue. You can also change the font size on Twitter, too.

twitter dark mode desktop

Click Done.

How to Enable Dark Theme on Twitter using Extension on Chrome

Twitter allows you to change to a dark theme without extension. But, if you want more features, you can use this extension on Chrome:

dark mode extension chrome

Twitter doesn’t look good if you don’t use dark mode. Twitter lets you choose two kinds of dark mode: Dim or Lights out. You can switch back to any time at any time. This can be done on Android, iPhone, and PC (web version of Twitter).

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