How to Change OneNote Theme to Dark Theme

onenote dark theme

If you have ever wonder if OneNote app could use dark theme instead of light, then you come to the right article.

OneNote has become one of the most popular note-taking app. It has many good free features you can use on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows 10 PC. It has document scanner, collaborate, sticky notes, sharing your notes, and more. Including changing the theme you would like to use in OneNote: dark or light theme.

So, here’s how to change your OneNote theme to dark.

How to Change OneNote to Use Dark Theme

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To use dark theme, open the OneNote app.

Tap the three dots button to open up Settings page.

onenote three dots

Tap Settings.

onenote settings

Then, tap Options to change OneNote options including changing the look or theme of OneNote.

onenote options

Choose Dark to change the theme to dark. OneNote has other options like Light and Use my Windows Mode to change your OneNote theme according the theme you use on the entire Windows 10 apps.

onenote dark theme

Now you’ve changed the theme of OneNote to dark. If you have any question, feel free to ask on comment.

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