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7 Useful WhatsApp Web Tips & Tricks You May Never Heard

whatsapp audio playback

WhatsApp Web is a desktop version of WhatsApp app that you use everyday on the phone. Whether you use Android or iOS, WhatsApp has a bunch of useful and productive features that are important for your everyday life. Here are 7 useful WhatsApp Web tips and tricks you may never heard before, and you will likely want to use them later.

Generally, WhatsApp Web is used by users who want to use WhatsApp on their PC/laptop. They don’t want to manually unlocking their phone because it’s distracting while they work. If you’re one of those people, you may really think these handful features are absolutely important because it’s part of your work life.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

7 Absolutely Useful WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks You May Never Known

1. Using Many WhatsApp Web account on The Same Computer

using many different whatsapp web account on the same computer

If you work as customer service that use WhatsApp as the media or are responsible for different WhatsApp account, chatting with many people using those account at the same time, then this WhatsApp Web tips will help you a lot.

The simple way to do this is by using Incognito Mode on your Chrome browser. Incognito Mode on Chrome will use different cache and site data that’s being used on the normal mode. This means you can use at least two different WhatsApp account and use two different-windowed WhatsApp Web.

But, what if you really need to manage more WhatsApp Web account on the same PC/laptop? Can it work?

Yes, absolutely. You can use more than two WhatsApp Web account on the same computer.

Here’s how.

First, you gotta create another Chrome profile.

You can do this by clicking on this profile button on your Chrome browser, then select Manage people, which mean managing your different Chrome users.

manage people chrome

This way you can login to your different WhatsApp Web account on each profile. Now, you only need to create more profile.

Now, you can add a guest user or a new user. If you would like to use it for sometimes, we recommend you adding a new user. Click Add person.

adding chrome user to login more whatsapp account

Type the user’s name. Choose profile picture. Then click Add to add that user as new user.

Tada! Now you can visit to login with another WhatsApp Web account.

using many different whatsapp web account on the same computer

Want to login more WhatsApp account? Just add new user. It’s that simple.

2. Reading Unread Messages Without Making Them Blue Check Marked

inactive window to read unread whatsapp messages

If you really want to read someone’s messages without changing their marks on smartphone, you can do that by looking up to the notification. But on the smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS, you can fully read those messages.

On PC, however, you can.

But, how?

Simple. Just add additional window right after WhatsApp Web browser window. Then resize that additional window to certain size where you can read those unread messages in inactive window.

You can open Notepad, since it’s the app with the simplest window and doesn’t cost so much memory. Resize that Notepad window, make sure Notepad window as active window. Then wait for new messages coming. You now can read them without making them blue check marked.

3. Can Hear Voice Message Clearly? You Can Make WhatsApp Web’s Voice Message Playback Faster

whatsapp audio playback

WhatsApp Web doesn’t offer you video call or voice call feature. But it does offer you voice message feature.

The downside is that the voice’s volume is a bit harder to control. Especially if you work with other stuff that play audio with certain volume.

This Chrome extension will help you. It doesn’t just offer you that volume control feature, but also the ability to change the playback speed.

It’s amazing because often times you just can’t clearly hear what others say on WhatsApp. This extension is the absolute solution to that problem.

That extension is called Zapp. You can download it here.

4. Don’t Want to Open Another Active Window to Read Messages? You Can Use WAToolkit Extension on Chrome

WAToolkit is a Chrome extension that provide you notification feature for your WhatsApp Web that’s opening on your browser’s tab. Heck, it even still provide you complete notifications without you opening the WhatsApp Web on browser.

The notification feature provide you messages viewer feature that let you read unread messages without actually reading those messages, which mean those messages won’t be marked with two blue checks.

The notifications you receive will kept being alive, and there’s a signal feature which let you know if there’s some connection issue on your WhatsApp Web that’s running on the background.

You can download that extension here.

5. Typing Your Own Emojis without Clicking Them Manually

typing your own emoji on whatsapp web

Emojis are fun expression you use when chatting. It has a lot of variations and WhatsApp provide those completely, whether you’re using it on your Android/iOS smartphone or the WhatsApp Web desktop itself.

On the chat box, type this:

SHIFT + ;/:th

It will be automatically choosing the latest emoji you’re using.

You can also use this:

SHIFT + ;/:t+(another letter)

This will choose another emoji you want to choose. Now, you can use left and right arrow on the keyboard to choose emoji you would like to send.

6. Don’t Want to Manually Click Everything? You Can Use Keyboard Shortcuts

WhatsApp Web, just like another desktop web app, provide you useful keyboard shortcuts when your hand is tired to move the mouse around or when your fingers just don’t want to touch the touchpad.

Everything gets a lot easier with keyboard shortcuts. So, here’s the list:

  • CTRL + N : starting a new chat
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ] : opening next chat
  • CTRL + SHIFT + [ : opening previous chat
  • CTRL + E : archiving chat
  • CTRL + SHIFT + M : muting chat
  • CTRL + Backspace : deleting chat
  • CTRL + SHIFT + U : marking chat unread
  • CTRL + SHIFT + N : creating a group chat
  • CTRL + P : opening your profile

Now, let’s move on to the next WhatsApp Web tips.

7. Automatically Change Emoticon to Emoji

change emoticon to emoji on whatsapp web

If you get used to type emoticon (like “:v”, “:d”, etc), you can turn them automatically into emoji in WhatsApp Web by using this simple Chrome extension.

You need to download these two extensions:

Once you install those extensions, now you can automatically change “:D” into a smiling emoji on WhatsApp Web.

If you’ve always been using WhatsApp Web for long period of times, why don’t you try those WhatsApp Web tips and tricks? Those things will really help you if you use this popular messaging tools in your everyday life, especially on the desktop.

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