How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram allows users to post stories that last 24 hours and will disappear after that period. You see someone just posted an Instagram story from the red circle around that person’s profile picture. You want to click on it to see it, but you don’t want that person to know.

This post will help you to view or see someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously. Anonymous means the other person will never figure out that you just saw their Instagram stories.

Can you see someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously?

The answer is that you can. There are sneaky tricks you can do to see Instagram stories anonymously. This sounds impossible at first as Instagram requires you to sign in to see someone else’s story, and the other person will know that you just saw their story.

However, that only will happen if you see an Instagram story the regular way. These sneaky tricks won’t involve the Instagram features, so you won’t get caught by the other person.

What you will need

To view someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously, you’ll need:

  • The other person’s Instagram profile is public.
  • Internet connection.
  • Another Instagram account of yours.

How to view someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously

There are a few methods you can do to see someone’s Instagram stories anonymously:

Use your other Instagram account

This sounds obvious, but you can still create another Instagram account that the other person won’t recognize to view the other person’s Instagram stories anonymously.

By anonymous, in this section only, means it doesn’t involve your primary Instagram account that the other person recognizes. This method can be slightly more difficult if the other person’s Instagram account is private, as you need your second Instagram account to be accepted to follow their accounts.

When you see the other person’s Instagram stories using that second account, the other person will see that second Instagram account just watched their stories.

This method can be a lot more difficult when the other person’s Instagram account is private and cautious about fake Instagram accounts that you will most likely not get accepted to follow the other person’s account. If you are already following, you can also be removed from their follower list. There’s no solution for this case.

If the account is public, and you still want to see the other person’s stories, you can add your another account on Instagram by clicking your username, and selecting Log in to existing account.

how to view instagram stories anonymously

Click Add account to sign in to your second Instagram account.

add another instagram account

Once you sign in to the second Instagram account, you can see anyone’s stories that are public without involving your primary account. You can also sign out of the primary Instagram if you want to.

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Enable the airplane mode on your Android/iPhone

Instagram and other apps use the cache to save offline data on your phone for quicker load time so your phone doesn’t have to load the same content twice. If the other person’s Instagram stories are stored in the cache, you can see those stories offline anonymously.

To view those stories offline, you can enable airplane mode on your phone. It’s the same method if you simply turn off the Wi-Fi or the mobile data. This method only works if the other person’s stories are already stored in the cache.

airplane mode

If you don’t want to take the risk of being found out watching someone’s Instagram stories, you can do the next method.

Download the Instagram story

One thing you can do to view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously is by downloading those stories for offline use. This requires the other person’s Instagram account to be public.

You can’t download a story from a public Instagram account directly from the Instagram app, but you can use a third-party app that you can search on the Play Store or App Store. Search for Instagram story downloader and you’ll see many apps that provide the feature.

instagram story downloader

Download the app, enter the other person’s username, and now you can see the stories anonymously. You can also do this on your PC using a browser, and you can find websites that allow the exact function for downloading Instagram stories.

Why you can’t view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously

Instagram doesn’t allow you to view someone’s Instagram stories anonymously and directly on the Instagram app as it isn’t in the best interest of their policy regarding privacy.

Instagram never said anything regarding this issue, but that’s what you can think of, as now you can’t even see a public Instagram post without an account.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to directly see someone’s stories anonymously. Fortunately, you can still do so using the above methods. You only need the account to be public for those methods to work.

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