How To Fix Vizio TV Sound Not Working

It is frustrating when Vizio TV has a sound problem, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. Here’s how to fix the Vizio TV sound not working.

vizio tv sound not working

Having a smart TV like Vizio TV makes it better to experience movies, including through its audio. But if it doesn’t work, it can be really frustrating to only enjoy the visual. Here’s how to fix the Vizio TV sound not working.

Vizio TV with the sound that isn’t working doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken. There are still things you can do to fix it on your own so you can enjoy the audio from Vizio TV.

Fix Vizio TV sound not working

There are different issues related to the sound of Vizio TV. Some experience the volume control isn’t working, completely no sound, there’s sound but no picture, or weird sound coming from the TV.

Regardless of what you experience, don’t panic. Try these suggestions before bringing the Vizio TV to the technicians.

Ensure the Vizio TV isn’t muted

This might be obvious. But you might have forgotten muting the TV or lowering down the volume. You can check it easily by pressing the volume button on the TV remote.

Turn on the speaker if it is turned off

If you turned up the volume but there’s still no sound from the Vizio TV, your TV speaker might be turned off. Select the menu button on the remote, select Audio Settings by pressing OK.

On the TV speaker option, press OK to turn it on.

Try resetting Vizio TV

If the previous suggestions don’t work, try resetting the Vizio TV. Your TV might have problems that it has to be reset to solve the sound that isn’t working.

Keep in mind that this will reset any setting you have set in the TV, like the password you have inserted. Open the menu through the remote, select System, choose Reset & Admin, and finally select Reset to factory settings.

Contact Vizio support for technical help

If you want warranty service or technical help from support, simply contact them to fix the problem with your Vizio TV, so the TV sound will work again.

Enjoying only the visual when Vizio TV sound doesn’t work can be really frustrating. Hopefully, the above methods solve the sound problem you experience. Try contacting support if those don’t work.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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