How To Fix Vizio TV Turns On by Itself

how to reset vizio tv

Vizio TV is a popular brand among smart TV users, but just like others, it has a problem: Vizio TV turns on by itself. Here’s how to fix it so you can enjoy time without concerning whether your TV is on.

Vizio TV has different kinds of problems, and turning by itself is one of them. This specific problem might be caused by one of a few conditions:

  • there is more than one Vizio remote
  • someone else who uses the same network casts unkowingly
  • CEC setting issue

Regardless of the cause, you can do these to fix the Vizio TV that turns on by itself.

How to stop Vizio TV turns on by itself

Make sure there’s no other device connected via HDMI

If you have other devices connected via HDMI, like a gaming console, you might want to turn off the CEC settings. Vizio TV has the CEC setting to connect with other devices to work.

To turn off this, simply grab the Vizio remote, press the menu, select System, and turn the CEC off.

Is there another Vizio remote around you?

Multiple Vizio remotes might interfere with your TV, causing the TV to turn on by itself. If you have two or more Vizio TVs around, and if you think this is the cause of your problem, there’s a solution to this.

Vizio doesn’t just rely on the TV remote to be operated. You can use the mobile app called VIZIO SmartCast Mobile.

Download the app on Play Store

Download the app on App Store

Try turning on the eco mode

Vizio has the eco mode to work faster and easier. This might solve the problem that causes your TV to turn on by itself. Eco-mode can be turned on pretty easily.

Grab the TV remote. Press the menu. Select System. Turn on the eco mode at Power Mode.

The last solution: reset your Vizio TV

If none of the above solutions works, you can try resetting your Vizio TV. This will reset any setting you’ve set on the TV, including removing the password you’ve entered.

Simply grab the remote. Open menu. Select System. Select Reset & Admin. Click Reset to factory settings.

You can also try to reset the Vizio TV by using other methods.

Vizio TV turning on by itself, especially in the middle of the night where you can’t get up just to turn off the TV, is frustrating. Hopefully one or more of the above solutions work to fix the problem.

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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

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