What Do WhatsApp Check Marks Mean When You Sent Message?

whatsapp message two blue check mark

WhatsApp has amazingly simple features that make it easy for over billions of its users connecting to each other through messages, call, and video call. Ones of the feature that confuses new WhatsApp users are WhatsApp check marks, which we’ll cover the meaning in this article.

WhatsApp Check Marks: Clock Icon Mark

whatsapp gray check mark

When you sent a message, WhatsApp gives you a mark to let you know whether the message has been sent. Different marks mean different things. One of the first mark you will receive is clock icon mark. This clock icon mark in WhatsApp means that your message has not been sent and is still kept on your iPhone/Android phone because your device isn’t connected to internet.

Once your device is connected to internet, WhatsApp will give you another mark, which is check mark. WhatsApp generally has three kind of check marks: 1) one gray check mark, 2) two gray check mark, 3) two blue check mark. Those WhatsApp check marks mean different things about the message you just sent.

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WhatsApp One Gray Check Mark Means

whatsapp message two gray check mark

WhatsApp one check mark is the second check mark you will receive immediately after you sent message when the recipient’s phone isn’t connected to the internet to receive the message you just sent. WhatsApp mainly works using internet connection and it can’t send or receive message without internet connection.

If you get one gray check mark, it generally means that the message you just sent is only received to WhatsApp server. This means, you have nothing to worry about if you get one gray check mark because the message has been successfully sent from your phone and WhatsApp will keep connecting to the server and the recipient’s phone to send the message to the recipient right away.

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If you keep getting one gray check mark for hours, the recipient’s phone is probably off or not connected to the internet. It can also mean that your WhatsApp contact has been blocked.

There’s no other explicit explanation whether your WhatsApp contact has been blocked or not. But getting one gray check mark for days or weeks, it most likely means that you’ve been blocked, because it is just rare for a WhatsApp user to stop connecting themselves from the internet, unless their phone gets lost or stolen.

Another thing that could explain one gray check mark is that the recipient uses GBWhatsApp, which is the modified version of WhatsApp. This modified WhatsApp app has a feature that lets the user to give one gray check mark even if they actually receive or even read the message you just sent, and then it gives two gray check mark or two blue check mark when they read the message, which is frustrating.

I personally hate users who use GBWhatsApp only to avoid other WhatsApp users see two gray message, and then I see two grey check mark when I call them.

WhatsApp Two Gray Check Mark Means

whatsapp message two gray check mark

Once the message is sent to WhatsApp server, it will be sent to the recipient’s phone when their phone is connected to the internet. If you see two gray check mark, it means the message has been arrive in the recipient’s phone. And now you will need to wait the recipient to open up their phone, tapping the conversation between you and them.

For deeper explanation, two gray check mark means that your message has been delivered but not read, except the recipient has turn off the feature to mark them with two blue check mark. WhatsApp has a feature to keep the message you sent two gray check mark for other people to see it.

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If you chat in group chat, WhatsApp gives you one check mark when the message has not been delivered for all WhatsApp users. Yes, all users. If even only one person in group is off, your message will keep showing one gray check mark.

Of course, you can see the detail information whether a person in group chat has been received your message, read the message, or is off. You can see exactly who read it and who receive it.

WhatsApp Two Blue Check Mark Means

whatsapp message two blue check mark

There are two different kind of WhatsApp double check mark: gray and blue.

WhatsApp also has two blue check mark, which certainly means that your message has been read. If you don’t receive reply, it means the recipient only open the message or mark the message as read. WhatsApp and Android notification system has a feature to mark the message your receive as read even though you don’t want to open the message.

But, you’ll only get two blue check mark when the contact you’re sending message to has enabled read receipt. If they keep it off, you will only get two gray check mark even if they actually read your message.

But don’t worry, that may sounds unfair, but no. The WhatsApp users who disable read receipt will also get two gray check mark when they receive messages from someone else even if that someone else read their messages. You can disable read receipt in WhatsApp your own if you want to.

How to Exactly Know Whether Your WhatsApp Message Has Been Sent/Read or Not

WhatsApp has detailed feature that lets you know whether the message you just sent has been sent to WhatsApp server, get delivered to the recipient’s phone, has been read. Disclaimer: this tutorial is unnecessary if the recipient turn off read receipt feature or if the recipient uses GBWhatsApp.

To do this, just long-tap your message, then tap three dots button.

how to see whether your whatsapp message has been received or read

It then will show more options. Tap Info to get to know whether your message has been delivered or read, or not at all.

whatsapp check marks

WhatsApp has simple features, and these WhatsApp check marks make it easy for the user to understand what is happening on their message they just sent to others. If you just keep getting one gray check mark, you’re most likely get blocked. If you keep getting double gray check mark, they disable read receipt. That is the simplest WhatsApp check marks meaning.

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