How To Fix WhatsApp Stickers Not Showing (Android/iPhone/Web)

Don’t see stickers on WhatsApp? Do these suggestions to help fix the stickers that aren’t showing on WhatsApp on Android, iPhone, or the web.

how to fix whatsapp stickers not showing android iphone web

WhatsApp lets you share stickers. To share, you need the sticker pack to get installed. However, some users reported that they don’t see their WhatsApp stickers as if they’re missing or gone. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can do to fix WhatsApp stickers not showing on Android, iPhone, or WhatsApp Web).

WhatsApp stickers are not showing problems

This post will help you fix the following issues:

  • WhatsApp stickers not showing after an update.
  • You don’t see WhatsApp stickers after download and installation.
  • Stickers don’t show on WhatsApp web.
  • Favorited stickers don’t show.

You may experience one of the above or more on Android, iPhone, and WhatsApp Web.

Why is WhatsApp not showing stickers?

Here are potential reasons why WhatsApp doesn’t show stickers:

  • A bug from a recent WhatsApp update.
  • Conflicted WhatsApp cache on your Android, iPhone, or Windows PC/Mac.
  • A sticker pack of the desired stickers isn’t installed.

This post provides you with the following suggestions to help fix the problem so hopefully, you’ll see stickers on WhatsApp:

How do I fix WhatsApp stickers not showing?

To help fix WhatsApp not showing stickers issue, you can try clearing the cache, restarting your Android or iPhone, reinstalling WhatsApp, and reinstalling the sticker pack of the missing stickers.

The following methods can be applied to WhatsApp on Android, iPhone, and WhatsApp Web.

Check if the sticker pack is installed

You might have accidentally uninstalled the sticker pack previously, so you don’t see any sticker you are looking for on WhatsApp. You can check installed WhatsApp stickers by opening a WhatsApp conversation, selecting the emoji button, and selecting the sticker button.

opening sticker on whatsapp

The sticker button is located on the right side of the GIF button. Select the + button in the upper-right corner. Open the My stickers tab. You’ll see a list of installed WhatsApp sticker packs.

seeing if all stickers are installed on whatsapp

The above method can be applied to WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. On WhatsApp Web, you will likely see the sticker pack store instead.

If you still don’t see a sticker and at the same time you don’t see its sticker pack, you might want to reinstall the sticker pack. Do the same if you see a sticker pack of the desired or missing sticker.

Clear cache

Clearing cache helps to fix conflicted cache that causes issues on apps, including WhatsApp. To clear cache, open WhatsApp from the Settings, and select Clear data > Clear cache.

On Android, you will see a box pops up asking if you want to clear cache, select Yes.

clear whatsapp cache

See if this helps the issue and you should see the desired stickers on WhatsApp. If you still don’t see the sticker, try restarting your Android or iPhone.

This method can also be applied to fix WhatsApp contacts that aren’t showing.

Try reinstalling WhatsApp

WhatsApp might behave abnormally because of a bug that requires reinstallation to fix. To reinstall, uninstall WhatsApp first, and install it again through the Play Store or App Store.

Ensure storage permission is allowed for WhatsApp

WhatsApp requires storage permission to store and receive data, including to store and receive stickers. To ensure and to allow the permission, access Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > App permissions.

On Android, select App permission > Storage of the WhatsApp page on Settings.

allow permission for storage in whatsapp

Select Allow to allow the storage permission for WhatsApp.

allow storage for whatsapp

You might want to reinstall the missing WhatsApp sticker packs after doing the above steps. See if the installed sticker packs are shown on WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp app

If this WhatsApp not showing stickers problem still occurs, try updating the WhatsApp app. If there’s no update available, check if other Android or iPhone users using the recent WhatsApp version has this problem.

Why aren’t stickers showing on WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web lets you share stickers, but it doesn’t show stickers installed from third-party sticker packs and favorited stickers because WhatsApp currently doesn’t have the favorite tab for stickers and because third-party stickers are only installed on your phone.

However, you can share a sticker from an official WhatsApp sticker pack directly within the WhatsApp Web app.

To do that, open the conversation > emoji button > sticker button. Select + button and click on any sticker pack you want to share a sticker from. Select Send this to chat to share.

WhatsApp lets you share stickers with other users, but a problem like the stickers aren’t showing can occur after an update, conflicted cache, or a bug from the WhatsApp app itself that requires reinstallation. If you still don’t see stickers, wait for a newer update from WhatsApp that hopefully will solve the problem.

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