Why Can’t I See My Messages on Tinder? 6 Ways to Fix

You received notifications, but you don’t see any message. You wonder, “why can’t I see my messages on Tinder?” Well, here’s the reason and how to fix it.

how to fix it when you can't see your messages on tinder

While you were waiting for someone that likes you on Tinder to message you, Tinder doesn’t show you any message, it might be that there’s something wrong with Tinder and you do have received some messages.

If you are sure you receive the messages, you need to do some extra steps to solve the problem.

Why you can’t see your messages on Tinder

There are a few potential reasons why you might not be seeing your messages on Tinder:

  • You have not been matched with the person you’re trying to message. In order to see and respond to messages on Tinder, you must have first been matched with the person you’re trying to talk to.
  • Your messages might be getting lost in the other person’s Tinder app. This can happen if you’re not actively using the app and your messages are getting buried under other people’s messages.
  • The person you’re trying to message has unmatched you, blocked you, or deleted their Tinder account entirely. If this is the case, you will not be able to see or respond to their messages.

Fixing Tinder when it doesn’t show a message

If you believe you’re still matched with the person, you can still do a few things to fix the bug that causes Tinder to not show your messages.

Learn the detailed step-by-step below:

Force-close the Tinder app on your Android/iPhone

Tinder is a mobile app that works on Android and iPhone, and both operating systems may not work properly with Tinder because of some bugs.

But, both provide a force-close feature if you experience some errors while using the Tinder app and can’t see the messages in it.

To force-close, the Tinder app on Android, you can simply open the Settings app. Now go to Apps or Manage Apps, and search for the Tinder app.

can't see messages on tinder

Now, tap the Tinder app. Scroll a little bit down, then tap Force-stop.

why can't i see my messages on tinder

Tap OK to confirm. The Tinder app will be closed and you can open it again, and check for your new messages.

how to see messages on tinder by force-stop the tinder app

If you can’t still see messages on Tinder, you may need to do this method.

Reinstalling the Tinder app may allow you to see messages on Tinder again

This solution isn’t mandatory, but you probably need to do it anyway since you really want to be able to see messages on Tinder. This doesn’t remove your data if you’re synced with your Tinder account.

To uninstall the Tinder app, simply go to the app’s icon on the home screen. Then long-tap, drag, and drop the icon to the trash icon. If you use Microsoft Launcher, you can just long-tap and then tap Uninstall.

uninstall the tinder app

Now that you’ve uninstalled the app, you can install the Tinder app again from the Play Store. This solves the Tinder message problem, and you should be able to see messages in the app again.

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Use VPN if your internet service provider blocks or limits Tinder’s traffic

Not all ISP provide an equal connection to all websites or servers you access on the internet. Some ISP may block Tinder’s traffic because it’s an app for adults.

This leaves you with an obvious solution: using a VPN app. But, you may not know what the best VPN app is on the market. I recommend you use NordVPN because it provides a strong connection to bypass blocked websites.

use vpn app to see messages on tinder

Check your internet connection and make sure it doesn’t limit Tinder’s connection

Some phones have their own data plan feature that limits internet connection if the users spend too much internet data.

Or, your internet service provider may not work well on your phone. The signal may be lost. You haven’t paid for your internet bill. Or any other reasons that make your internet connection work poorly.

You can check your internet connection to make Tinder work properly in the Settings app. Tap SIM cards & mobile networks. You can change almost anything about your mobile data, including the APN.

delete tinder app cache

Make sure the location is enabled in high accuracy

Some Android or iPhone apps may not work well if you don’t turn on the location or GPS feature. Including the Tinder app. Tinder requires you to use location to find your dates, and probably to show the messages you receive/send.

To check the location feature on Android, simply go to the Settings app. Then, tap Additional settings. Tap Privacy.

check location feature on your android or iphone

You can tap Location. Now, choose High accuracy to solve the problem.

make sure the location is enabled

Still can’t see messages on Tinder?

You may need to clear Tinder’s cache to make it shows your messages

Tinder and other apps work using cache to increase the performance, so they don’t have to rely on your internal memory which is slower.

But, some cache might not be updated properly and you may need to clear it so the Tinder app can work properly with the new cache, and eventually show you your messages.

To be able to see messages on Tinder again, go to the Settings app. Tap Apps or Manage Apps. Search for the Tinder app, tap it, then tap Clear Data.

clear tinder app cache to make it show your message

Tap Clear cache. Tap OK.

clear data and cache on tinder

Tinder is a popular dating app, and you may experience some errors like losing messages. If you can’t see your messages on Tinder, you can do the above methods to help you solve the problem.

Not seeing messages while you see a notification that you actually received them is frustrating.

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