Why Won’t My Fitbit Sync? Here’s How to Solve It

Fitbit, the popular smartband brand isn’t perfect and some issues are experienced by some of its users. Here’s why your Fitbit won’t sync and how to solve it.

If you have a Fitbit Charge, Versa, Inspire, Ace, Ionic, or any Fitbit model, the syncing issue is inevitable, which causes a problem, like not getting text messages.

Or maybe, it isn’t an issue at all, you just didn’t use the device to properly sync it with your phone or computer, or maybe your device isn’t compatible.

Regardless of the cause of the issue, solving this syncing problem of your Fitbit should be practicable and easy.

Make sure to sync your Fitbit properly to your phone

First, make sure you’ve downloaded, installed, and signed in to the Fitbit app. You can download from the App Store or Play Store to sync your Fitbit.

Download Fitbit on Android

Download Fitbit on iPhone

Open the app. Sign in to your Fitbit account.

why won't my fitbit sync

Once you’ve logged in, tap your profile picture.

fitbit app

On your profile, you should see your device name. If you don’t, set up a new device in there.

Make sure Bluetooth is properly set up on your Windows 10 PC

Setting up a Bluetooth device on Windows 10 can be quite more complex. Make sure your Fitbit is turned on and its syncing all-day feature is active.

Open the Action Center in Windows 10. Click the button at the right-bottom of your screen. To activate Windows 10’s Bluetooth, click the rectangle with the Bluetooth icon on it. Right-click the button and select Go to Settings.

windows 10 bluetooth

You will the Bluetooth settings in there. Make sure your Fitbit device exists below the Bluetooth toggle button like the image shown below. Click the device if it is there. Make sure it’s connected (and click Connect if it isn’t).

bluetooth is on

If your Fitbit device isn’t there, you can click Add Bluetooth or other device to set it up.

add bluetooth

Click Bluetooth.

sync fitbit device to windows 10

Here, you should see your Fitbit device name. Click it and follow the next instruction to sync your Fitbit to your PC.

add a device

Why won’t my Fitbit sync? Other solutions you can do

If your Fitbit still isn’t connected to your phone or computer, don’t worry. There are other solutions you can do to solve the syncing problem.

There are things you probably need to check:

  • Make sure your Android or iOS or Windows 10 version is always up-to-date.
  • Make sure your Fitbit is compatible.
  • Make sure Fitbit is charged fully and always up-to-date (you can update directly from your Fitbit).
  • Check your internet connection on your device. If you have limited cellular data and your phone/computer limits internet access to the Fitbit server, there would likely be a syncing problem.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth isn’t connected to more than one device other than your Fitbit device.

Other solutions:

  • Remove your device from the Fitbit app, and set it up again.
  • Remove your device from the Bluetooth settings, and set it up again.
  • Remove your Fitbit app data, uninstall, then install the app again.

Fitbit might not be perfect but there are suggestions to solve the syncing problem that some people experience, and you can do that in just a few minutes.

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