Why Won’t My Switch Turn On? Some Ways to Fix It

why won't my switch turn on

Nintendo Switch isn’t entirely a perfect console that you can bring anywhere. Some users experience that Nintendo Switch behaves unusually and won’t turn on. Here are some suggestions to fix your Switch that won’t turn on.

Nintendo Switch that isn’t turning on is terrifying. The entertainment device you can use while on a trip now refuses to turn on, without you knowing why. While buying a new one or bringing it to the service center are options, there are some things you can do to save more time and money.

Try completely charging the Switch

Nintendo Switch that won’t turn on is usually a drained battery issue. While this is probably the obvious suggestion to solve this problem, your Nintendo Switch might really need to fully be charged for 3 hours.

Your Nintendo Switch should be working again after completely charging it.

Try hard reset

Is your Nintendo Switch still not working after you’ve fully charged it? You can try hard-reset your Nintendo Switch to get it working again.

To hard reset, press and hold the little power button for at least 16 seconds. Release it for a few more seconds. Then, try pressing the power button again normally to turn it on.

If your Nintendo Switch still isn’t working, you need to contact support or bring it to the service center.

Nintendo Switch that won’t turn on can be scary, but there are some ways to figure out how serious your problem is. If the above methods don’t work, repairing it through Nintendo support is the only way.

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