How To Get Current Windows 11 Wallpapers on Lock Screen

Found a beautiful wallpaper shown on your Windows 11 lock screen? You can save them by accessing the Windows Spotlight folder. Read to learn how.

windows 11 lock screen wallpaper lake obersee nafels switzerland

Windows 11 has the Spotlight feature that is brought from its predecessor Windows 10. When the Spotlight is enabled, you will see the live wallpaper that changes automatically on the lock screen or desktop, depending on where it’s enabled. When it shows a good wallpaper, you might want to save it, and this post will help you to do that.

What is the Windows Spotlight feature?

Windows Spotlight is a feature that automatically downloads and sets a wallpaper from Bing to your Windows 11 (or Windows 10) lock screen. When Bing changes its background image, the new image will be retrieved to your PC and set as a lock screen background.

windows spotlight on lock screen settings on windows 11

Bing changes its background image every 1-2 days, so you will see new Windows 11 lock screen images at about the same time.

On the lock screen, you will see a message that asks “Like the image that you see?”, and when you hover it, you can click I like it! if you like the image and want to see similar images in the future or Not a fan if you don’t like the image and want to see a new one.

like the image that you see windows 11 spotlight

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How do I save the current Windows Spotlight images from the lock screen on Windows 11?

Windows Spotlight images that are shown on your Windows 11 lock screen are saved in a directory that can be copied and pasted to another folder. To save them, you have to convert them to an image file format such as PNG or JPG.

You can also click the Bing search link from the lock screen to download the image manually. This post will explain both methods.

Converting already existing Windows Spotlight image files

Open the following directory by changing the [username] to your Windows 11 account username:


You can open that directory by opening the File Explorer, then pasting the modified above path with your account username. Press Enter to open the path on File Explorer. You will see several files that are images but with no specific image format, and you will have to convert them to be able to use those images.

how to get or download current windows 11 spotlight wallpapers on lock screen

To convert those Windows Spotlight images, sort all the files by size first, and you can do that by clicking Size. Select all images that have a file size above 100 KB, which is the normal file size for an HD wallpaper, as you will see an unrelated file that has an abnormally small size (for example, 1 KB) that you should exclude. Right-click, and click Copy.

copying picture files

Go to a new folder where you want to save those Windows Spotlight images that were or are shown on your lock screen, that you can easily access in the future. As an example, this post uses a new folder called “Windows 11 wallpapers” in the Downloads folder. Paste them into the desired folder.

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pasting picture files

After pasting the Windows Spotlight files, copy the folder path as you will use it to help convert those Windows Spotlight files using Command Prompt. Right-click, and select Copy.


Open the Start menu. Open the Command Prompt by typing cmd and click the Command Prompt.

command prompt on windows 11

Enter the following command line and press Enter:

CD [previously copied folder path]

cd windows 11 wallpaper folder on cmd

Command Prompt will now apply command lines to that desired folder. Now, enter the following command line to convert those Windows Spotlight images to actual image file formats, which in this example uses PNG:

ren *.* *.png

converting files to png to get current windows 11 spotlight wallpapers on lock screen

When you press Enter, those Windows Spotlight images will be converted to the actual image file format which is PNG. Now, you can view and use those Windows Spotlight images as a desktop background or lock screen image that you want to keep.

windows 11 wallpapers are retreived

To set one of the Windows Spotlight images as background or lock screen, open the image, and select the meatball (three-dots) button at the top > Set as > Set as background.

setting windows 11 wallpaper as background image

Manually opening its Bing search link from the lock screen

You can also manually open the Bing search link you can access from the lock screen to manually search for the image online. To do that, hover over the message that asks “Like the image that you see?”, and click the place where the wallpaper was taken, which in this example is Lake Obersee, Nafels, Switzerland.

like the image that you see windows 11 spotlight

Log in to your Windows 11, and you will see a Bing search page of where the wallpaper was taken on Microsoft Edge. You can manually find the same HD wallpaper or a different one on the page.

bing lake obersee nafels search windows 11 spotlight

Windows 11 has the Windows Spotlight feature that automatically shows a Bing wallpaper on your lock screen. You can download that wallpaper and keep it for other uses by finding the path and then converting them to a proper image file format.

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