How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets Automatically & Manually

Google Sheets will overflow the text inside a cell making it unreadable. Here’s how to wrap text in Google Sheets so that all words can be seen.

If you write a long text in a cell on Google Sheets, you would see the text overflows into the empty cell nearby, which makes it difficult to read and edit the spreadsheet. Here’s how to wrap text in Google Sheets in different ways.

By default, Google Sheets will overflow text longer than the column width into the empty nearby cell (usually right). Unless you fill the nearby cell with a text or anything, the text will keep being overflowed.

Sometimes, the overflow looks fine, but sometimes you also want to wrap it so the rest of the words in the cell will show in the cell itself despite the short column width. This is a great solution when you write addresses, sentences, or anything that’s so long it surpasses the column width.

The other reason you want to wrap text in Google Sheets is that the text will be clipped when you fill the right/left cell nearby it, and you’d have to make the column width wider only to make the text visible in its entirety. The longer the text, the more you’d have to widen the column width.

That problem is solved with the wrapping text feature in Google Sheets. You can now see the entire words in the cell easily, and it only costs more height of the row where the wrapped cell exists.

If you’re fine with the inconsistent height of the row, wrapping text is for you.

How to wrap text in Google Sheets with the menu

Google Sheets has a menu that contains the wrapping text feature. Simply select the cell which the text inside you want to wrap, click the Format, and select Text wrapping. Choose Wrap to wrap the text inside that cell.

format text wrapping overflow wrap clip

The result is like this. By default, Google Sheets wrap words automatically depending on the column width. You can widen or narrow the column width to change how many words are wrapped in the cell, which will also apply for the entire rows on the same column.

wrapped text

The default cell text wrapping is Overflow. If you want to revert back to make the cell overflow, simply select Overflow. You can also switch to Clip if you want to make the rest of the words hidden to save more space.

clip text wrapping

This is what the clipped text would look like. You can still see the rest of the words from that cell in the formula bar.


You can also wrap the text for the entire column or sheet if you want. If you wrap them ahead, your text will be automatically wrapped once you write in that cell.

wrapping the entire sheet, column,

There’s another button you can use if you don’t like using the menu. It is located nearby the button to change alignment. Simply click it, and select the button located in the center to wrap. The rest of the buttons are Overflow (on the left) and Clip (on the right).

using the menu

How to wrap text manually in Google Sheets and choose where to wrap

Normally, the text is wrapped depending on the column width. But actually, you can choose which word to wrap at, so the rest of the words afterward will be placed at the bottom of it, and you can also choose which word to wrap at for the words located in the bottom, and so on.

This is a good solution for those who want to aesthetic their spreadsheets without making the wrapped texts depend on the column width.

To do this, simply double-click the cell you want to wrap the text manually until you can edit the content of the cell. Then, place the cursor to the word where you want to wrap and move to the bottom of it.

Finally, press Alt on your keyboard and press Enter at the same time. This will add a “newline” and separate the words before the cursor placed from the words after in different lines. You’ll also see the cell is wrapped in the formula bar.

wrap text manually in google sheets

To see the entire words in the formula bar, place the cursor at the bottom of it where you can see the vertical resize icon in your cursor, and drag it to the bottom until you can see the entire words.

formula bar google sheets wrapped

How to wrap text in Google Sheets mobile app

Google Sheets has its mobile app on Android and iPhone. You can also wrap text in the app, despite the limitation and the simplicity of the app.

To wrap text, select the cell and tap the “A” icon at the top nearby the undo and redo buttons.

wrap text in google sheets mobile app

At the bottom, choose the Cell tab and scroll to the bottom until you see the Wrap text option. To wrap text, turn it on until it becomes green.

wrap text

You can also wrap the text for the entire column or the entire spreadsheet by tapping the column or selecting the entire cells of the spreadsheet, and then do the same previous method.

wrap the entire column or sheet in google sheets mobile app

Wrapping the text make all words visible in the same cell without overflowing the nearby cells, and Google Sheets provide its solution in the simplest way. You can also do it on the mobile app.

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