If you are interested in publishing a guest post, a sponsored post, or simply putting a link on our already existing blog posts, you can contact us here.

Here is the requirement for the guest or sponsored post:

  • The topic of the article must be technology and appropriate.
  • It has at least 800 words.
  • It has at least two free stock photos (like Unsplash photos) with the credit links on the article.
  • It must be original and never ever published on any other websites.
  • It has to be something that doesn’t resemble or look similar to articles that have been published on monkeymanifesto.com. It has to be new. (You can give us a few ideas for the articles for our approval before writing them, so you don’t waste your time).
  • When you read the article, it doesn’t feel like a guest post or a sponsored post. It has to feel just like any of monkeymanifesto.com blog posts.
  • The link in the article isn’t a site that resembles the niche or topic of MonkeyManifesto.com.
  • I only accept one custom external link, either do-follow or no-follow.
  • The link isn’t from an affiliate website, especially an affiliate website that impersonates a real official one.
  • The article you send has to be related to the link inside the article and has to be tutorial-ly. I don’t accept generic articles such as a list of best products/things, business-related articles, and an explanation article (example: What an X Is and Why You Need It To Do Z).

You can pay through:

  • PayPal transfer

The procedure:

  1. Deal for a settled price.
  2. You send us the link you want to insert and the topic of the article you want to write and send.
  3. Wait for my approval.
  4. If accepted, you can then send the article.
  5. I publish it. I send you the live link.
  6. Payment.