How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading

Reading and writing comments are important things when it comes to YouTube. But somehow you can’t see them. Here’s how to fix YouTube comments not loading.

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The comment feature is one of the most important things when watching YouTube videos. You can see people’s opinions on the video you watch, write yours or delete yours, and sometimes get more insights or information than the video provides. But somehow you can’t see the comment.

It’s not just the comment. Comment replies might also not load when you have a problem with your internet connection, the browser itself, your YouTube account settings, or the YouTube server itself. But you’ve reloaded so many times the comments and replies still won’t load.

Fix YouTube comments not loading

Clear browser cache

When something goes wrong within a website on your browser, clearing the cache is the first thing you can do to fix the issue, including the YouTube comments not loading issue.

To clear your browser cache, simply go to the Settings.

youtube comments not loading

Search cache. Select Choose what to clear on an option that says Clear browsing data now.

choose what to clear

Scroll down and checkmark the Cached images and files option. Select Clear now.

clear now

This post uses Microsoft Edge as an example, and you might also be able to do the same on Google Chrome.

Disable extensions

A browser uses extensions to work on features it doesn’t provide, but sometimes an extension can conflict with some websites and that might include YouTube. Try disabling all extensions or disabling only one by clicking the Extensions icon and then selecting Manage extension.

manage extensions

To disable an extension, simply set the toggle off located on the right side of the extension name.

youtube comments

You should also be able to do this on Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers.

Sign out of YouTube and then sign in again

So, you have cleared the cache, and disabled extensions, but still, experience the error, and YouTube still won’t load the comment and replies. Try signing out of YouTube and then signing in again. Click on your YouTube profile, and select Sign out.

sign out

You will also get signed out of all Google products and services, like Google Analytics, Google Search, and more. Try to sign in again and see if YouTube will load the comment on videos you watch.

Turn off the restricted mode on YouTube

YouTube has a restricted mode that is designed to limit interactions for kids, and those interactions include comments. You might have restricted mode on and let it disable or hide the comments on all you watch.

Disabling the restricted mode requires access to a Google account. So, sign in to your Google account, and then click your profile picture. Select Restricted mode. If it’s turned on, it says On.

restricted mode off

To disable the restricted mode, simply set the toggle off on ACTIVATE RESTRICTED MODE.

lock activate restricted mode

Reload YouTube, and you should now be able to see the comments.

Enable comments for your channel

This has nothing to do with videos you don’t own, but if you notice somebody can’t comment on your videos, you might want to enable it. To enable comments for your channel, click your profile account and select YouTube Studio.

youtube studio

Select Settings.


Go to Community > Defaults. Select Allow all comments and save the changes.

allow all comments

You should now be able to see comments on YouTube and their replies. If you somehow still can’t see the comment, the YouTube channel you’re watching has probably disabled the comment feature or YouTube has an issue on its end.

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