How To Fix YouTube TV Not Working on Samsung TV

Are you enjoying live TV but then an error occurs? Here’s how to fix YouTube TV not working on Samsung TV (and other brands).

youtube tv not working on samsung tv

YouTube TV allows you to stream live TV from many broadcasts. But some people experience a problem: YouTube TV not working on Samsung TV, or other smart TV as well. Here’s how to fix it.

While YouTube TV worked on Samsung TV, you might wonder why the app now won’t open, load, launch, or work on Samsung TV. Your TV screen doesn’t show things as usual. There seems to be a reason why YouTube TV not working again.

The cause of the issue might be more from your smart TV than from the YouTube TV itself. YouTube TV still works somewhere else, but the app on your TV just isn’t working.

It’s probably not just YouTube TV. You might also experience the same on Prime Video, Netflix, or any other app. This kind of problem is common. You might also see it on your Chrome (licensing issue).

Regardless of the cause, there is a way (or multiple ways) to fix the app and make it work again on your TV. So you can enjoy the live TV and not waste the subscription you have paid.

Fix YouTube TV not working on Samsung TV

Clear YouTube TV app on the TV

Samsung TV has a method to clear cache for a specific app. So there’s no need to clear the entire apps’ cache.

To do this, press the home button. Open Settings > System apps. Search for the YouTube TV app. Choose Clear cache.

Clear the entire cache of Samsung TV

If your YouTube TV app still doesn’t work, try clearing your TV cache. Doing this refreshes the entire app, and you might lose data you’ve entered into those apps.

But, if you really want to fix this YouTube TV problem, that’s probably worth the effort.

Power off the Samsung TV and power it on again and hold the button for at least 20 seconds.

If you don’t want to do that, you can use the remote instead. Select the Home button. Head to Settings > BroadcastingExpert settings > HbbTV settings. Choose Delete Browsing Data. Choose Yes.

Reinstall the YouTube TV app, sign out, then sign in again

This is a common method to solve a problem within an app: simply sign out of the app, clear the app’s cache, reinstall, and finally sign in again.

Save more storage space

A smart TV might have very low storage space. This can cause a problem opening an app that uses high resources from your TV.

If you have apps installed that you never used, you can uninstall them to save more storage space, so the important apps like YouTube TV hopefully will keep working.

A smart TV like Samsung TV might have errors that are just unexplained. But most of the time it all comes down to the app and your TV resources. Hopefully, the above suggestions solve the problem.

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