How To Fix Zoom Error 3003: Not Meeting Host

Do you receive a Zoom meeting link but you can’t join it? Here’s how to fix Zoom error 3003: not meeting host without asking for another link.

zoom error 3003

Online conference is now a thing and Zoom becomes one of the most popular apps for it. But just like other apps, it has a problem that some experience: Zoom error 3003 that says Not meeting host. Here’s how to fix it.

What is Zoom error 3003: not meeting host?

Zoom error 3003: not meeting host shows when you as a participant want to join a Zoom meeting. A simple reasons for this to happens is because the link you opened to join the meeting wasn’t made by the primary host.

Zoom allows the primary host to create another host (which is called co-host) in the same meeting. If the link you used to join the meeting is from the co-host, you wouldn’t be able to join it, thus the Zoom error 3003: not meeting host occurs and you can’t join the meeting.

How to fix Zoom error 3003: not meeting host

To fix this kind of error, you can do one of methods below:

  • Ask the primary host for the link to join the meeting
  • Change the link stucture

If you don’t have time to ask the primary host, you can simply change the link structure on your own. Zoom links usually have this stucture:[meeting ID]

If the link you receive has this structure, simply change it to this structure:[meeting ID]

The only thing to replace is the /meeting/ part with /j/. You can do that by copying the first sturcture and pasting it somewhere else, then change the /meeting/ to /j/.

Once you have changed it, visit that link on your browser. It’s then going to open the Zoom app.

Zoom works by allowing you as the host to create meeting links. If you receive error code 3003 when trying to join a meeting, simply change the link structure and you would be able to join the meeting without any issue.

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