How To Fix Zoom Profile Picture Not Showing in Meetings

So, you have set your profile picture, but it won't show. Here's how to fix the Zoom profile picture not showing in meetings easily.

How To Fix Zoom Profile Picture Not Showing in Meetings

Zoom provides a way to show your profile picture instead of video, but some experiences that their Zoom profile picture not showing in meetings.Here's how to fix it. This unexplainable error occurs randomly.The Zoom profile picture might show in some meetings, but in others, it doesn't.

This can be frustrating when you work for a company that requires your profile picture to show to easily identify yourself. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem.

Fixing Zoom profile picture not showing in meetings

Switch from the web to the app or ensure you have signed in

zoom profile picture not showing in meeting If you use the Zoom web version, you might not see your profile picture since you might have forgotten to sign in.You can join a Zoom meeting without an account, but you'd still have to sign in to show your profile picture. When you click a Zoom invitation link, it will either open the web version on the browser or the app.You might want to use the app to make it easy to keep signing in since you might have accidentally signed out of Zoom on the browser due to a cookie or cache problem.

If Zoom keeps signing you out, enable "Stay signed in"

If you regularly use the Zoom app but it keeps signing you out every time you close the app, which eventually makes join a meeting without an account, which won't show your profile picture, you can stay signed in. The Zoom app provides this when you first-time signing in.

On the login form, checkmark the Stay signed in checkbox before pressing Sign in. zoom sign in Now, every time you close the app, you'd still be signed in, so you won't unintentionally make your profile picture invisible.

Show the participant profile picture in meetings

There are some Zoom settings that might you have forgotten to set.One of them is the option to hide the participant profile picture in meetings.If enabled, you won't see everyone's profile pictures. To disable it, open the Zoom app.

Select your profile picture.Select Settings. zoom settings It will open the Zoom website on your browser.Select the Settings tab.

Select In Meeting (Basic). zoom meeting options Here, simply disable the Hide participant profile pictures in a meeting option. disable hide participant profile pictures

Zoom has some options that you might have not set yet, or you accidentally do something wrong when joining the meeting, which causes it to not show your profile picture.Ensuring you stay signed in, and set your profile picture will fix it.